Seductive Studio – FOOT PROFILER

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: CSI feet profiler she enter sleeping room/crime scene. shoes, socks and rubberboot lay on floor. she wear jeans, thin colored striped socks and boots. she has red toenails. she say to cam man she will recontruct what happend here. the killer must be the feetfetish man we search for. she take the rubberboot and a shoe and smell it. she say they must be put on, they smell fresh like cheese. she cant say wich ranking they were put on. she lies down on the floor at the back, the tongue is low apart from the mouth and she play dead. Then she takes one hand at the mouth and looks thoughtful.she says to the cameraman when I say “now” you take a hand as a …. and shoot at me, I will re-act all if its possible. she takes off her boots and smells one of the boots, then a sock and shoe of the ground. she pulls slow one of her socks off and smelling it as a comparison. She turns on the belly, both legs together. in a shoe she smells again and begins to circle her hip against the ground. her legs are straight, the feet side by side she says “now” if possible the hand of camera man short in the picture as he shoots, she cries, pauses for a moment rigid, then she sinks slowly to the floor, twitching her feet, bend and stretch feet, then they are side by side for 5 sec lifeless She turns back on, eyes open and left to lie. then she says he must have flipped her. she gets up and pulls a Pump on the bare foot. she lies down on the bed onto belly, legs back together. her feet lifts into the air, she loosens the shoe easily and pushes down the sock half under foot Now she start again circle/rub her hip against the bed and looks into the camera, and now he can shoot again. she groans, eyes looking into camera roll eyes and look upward, arms and face fall on bed, feet are next to each other to bed and shrug, and she loses her shoe. then another moan and feet are lifeless for 5 sec camera shows her completely then zoom ouf the feet. she stands up and says it was so! we cut it together later, missing what I’m playing now. she pulls off the sock and jeans and put on rubber boots. she pretends that she has a glass and drink it, sits on a chair and falls unconscious into. Then she pulls the boots off and go back to fainting position. she lifts herr feet up as if someone invisible lifting the feet and worship them. then feet fall on the ground. she gets up and picks up a sock wich looks sicky and says, “fits well”. then she sits down on the bed to knees with back to camera. She sits on the heel and takes a sock in the nose and pretends as someone knock her off with chloroform. she comes with the upper body high, sitting on knees and then falls on the belly and lay lifeless for 5 sec. She turns on back and put chloro socks on nose again, her feet slipping on the bed back and forth be slower then stretched lifeless legs together. She say now we have him, we go back into office. cameraman takes back the hand and shoots 2 x. she crosses the eye, holding her breast and falls back in bed. she moans roll on belly, feet wrinkle stretch soles on bed. he shot again, feet get stiff final moan then shes lifeless. After 5 seconds, she laughs and say great job, she put on her clothes and they leave. end

File Size: 39.5 MB
Resolution: 640 x 480
Duration: 00:15:20
Video: AVC, 640x, 25.000 fps, 220 Kbps
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 KHz, , 126 Kbps