Seductive Studio – SLOUCH SOCKS

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Jenny is wearing a schoolgirl outfit(white blouse and pink and black plaid mini skirt), white and light pink layered slouch socks, and black ballet flats. For one foot, the pink sock is on top and the white is underneath with the wrinkled top sticking out and the other foot has white on top and pink underneath with the wrinkled top sticking out. They are bunched up with lots of wrinkles. She is also wearing an ankle bracelet on one foot over the socks. She also has on a light pink bra and black panties. Jenny is at home and she is sitting on her couch and she is shoeplaying. She lets her flats dangle and fall to the floor for abit. She is flexing and scrunching her toes in the socks. Finally she puts her flats back on and she stands up to wak away and she gets hit on the head with a blackjack by a man that comes from behind her. Jenny screams and slumps to the floor unconscious. Her mouth is slightly open. One of her feet is slightly out of her shoe. He picks her up and carries her to her bed. One of her shoes is dangling as he is carrying her until it falls off in her bedroom. The man places the unconscious Jenny on the bed and fondles her, dangles her limp limbs, and plays with and dangles her socked feet. He takes off her blouse to reveal her pink bra. Then she wakes up. He makes her use a vibrator on herself until she cums. She sticks it up her mini skirt and vibes herself against her panties. He makes her talk dirty to him. As she is masturbating, Jenny really gets into it. Her remaining shoe falls off. Her toes are curling up and then extending inside her socks. She uses the following lines: “I know you want to fuck me hard until I cum and pass out.”, “I know you love my slouch socks. I am wearing white and pink just for you. I want you to cum all over my socks. I love when my socks are covered in cum. I love going to school wearing slouch socks with cum stains on them.” “Please cover my cute slouch socks with your white goo!” “Fuck your schoolgirl into unconsciousness!” “I’m going to cum hard in my panties!” “Oh Fuck, make me cum and pass out!” Right before she cums, she screams out “I’m going to cum!” Then when she cums “Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” and then “Oh fuck, I’m cumming so hard that I’m going to pass out!” Jenny’s eyes roll up into her head. Her toes extend very stiffly in her socks when she cums.Jenny passes out from the intense orgasm and goes limp on the bed. Have a full body shot of her passing out so her feet can be seen going limp. While she is unconscious, the man strips her to only her bra, panties, and socks. He again plays with her limbs and socked feet. Jenny comes to and tries to escape by running away wearing her bra, panties, and socks only to get conked over the head again. Jenny grunts and says “I won’t pass out again.” Then she gets conked again. “Oh well, passing out now” she says dreamily as her eyes roll up and she slumps to the floor unconscious with a soft sigh. He drags her on the floor by her arms to the bed and then tosses her onto the bed. Jenny is waking up. He pours chloroform on a rag and places it over her face. Jenny’s eyes roll up into her head. Jenny extends her toes in her socks very stiffly and her feet go limp once she passes out. Some more limp play. Jenny comes to again and tries to escape again. Jenny gets hit over the head with a blackjack and she screams and slumps to the floor however she is still conscious. She raises her head and tries to crawl away. She then gets hit on the head again. Jenny moans and tries to keep her head raised to fight off unconsciousness however it is no use. Jenny’s eyes roll up into her head and with a final sigh her head slumps to the ground unconscious. The dirty bottoms of her socks are face up. Have a head to toe shot of her face down and a closeup of her socks. The man then rolls Jenny over and plays with her limp limbs before carrying her out of the room. Jenny’s mouth is slightly open and her arms and legs are hanging limp. The man then has Jenny laying on her bed in only her bra, panties, and socks. Her arms are tied to the bed. He pulls her panties off and sticks a vibrator into her. Jenny slowly comes to as she is being vibed. She wakes up to a mind blowing orgasm and screams “I’m cumming!” Her toes are scrunching and flexing inside her socks. As soon as that orgasm subsides she is immediately hit with another one. “Oh God, I’m cumming again!” Jenny screams. As soon as that one subsides she feels another one building and she knows that she can’t withstand another one. She begs and pleads with the man to take the vibrator out. “Please don’t make me cum again! It’s going to be too much! I’m going to cum and pass out! Don’t make me pass out again!” The man ignores her pleas and Jenny has one last mind blowing orgasm. Jenny screams “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Her back arches off the bed and her toes extend as stiffly out as they can. Her eyes roll into the back of her head. Jenny is screaming so loud. Finally, her body gives one last jolt like she is shocked and her mouth is wide open in a silent scream. Then she passes out with a soft sigh as her entire body goes limp to the bed and her feet go limp. Have a head to toe shot of Jenny’s unconscious body and a closeup of her socked feet and face. The man just leaves the unconscious girl laying there on the bed with the vibrator still inside of her.

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Duration: 00:29:41
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