Seductive Studio – THE CAMERA MAN

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Daphne has just arrived home from a long shoot on the movie set when her door bell rings. It’s the producer’s assistant, he claims to have lost the prints from the shoot today and will need to take another set. Frustrated but complying, Daphne removes her shirt and poses for some new pics. After a few shots from behind, the assistant suddenly grabs her by the neck and puts her in a crushing sleeper hold. She can’t fight his massive arms for long and quickly succumbs to the pressure. She awakens upon her bed to find herself in an unescapable hog tie, with a noose tied tight on her neck, the end of the rope connected to her tied feet, making her every struggle excrutiating. The assistant lets her struggle for a few minutes before re-entering the room with his camera to take some “personal” pictures of his own… he pulls her feet down, drawing the noose around her neck even tighter, snapping picture after picture as she struggles to draw a breath… A knock at the door draws his attention from Daphne…. not knowing that she had a roommate, he quickly runs to the front door and opens it as Audra strides forcefully past him. She makes her way to the bedroom and is appalled to see Daphne tied up topless on the bed. She quickly turns to run but is cought in the huge man’s iron grip around her throat… he chokes her for a few moments and as her vision fails, she falls to her knees. The man then unties her bikini top and wraps it around her quickly brusing neck and draws it tight, making every breath almost impossible to take… she can hold her breath no longer and passes out, only to awaken next to her roommate similarly hogtied with a noose around her own neck…. Scared and confused, both girls writhe and squirm upon the bed, trying desperatly to free themselves from the tight ties placed upon them. Every kick of their legs draws the nooses upon their necks even tighter… The assistant returns and pulls Audra’s feet tight against the ropes, drawing the noose tight around her neck as she struggles to gasp for breath. He snaps picture after picture of her bare feet, bare breasts, and applies even more pressure as her eyes start to roll back into her head… picture after picture…only stopping to move back to Daphne, applying pressure onto her noose, slowly suffocating her, snapping picture after picture… Making his way back to Audra, snapping some more pictures, he is fascinated by what the small camera screen shows him… capturing the struggle on film, he can relive this moment later, in the privacy of his own home… so intent on his camera work, he fails to see Daphne’s ropes become loose as she struggles to free herself… finally free of her bonds, she grasps at the first weapon she can find.. a nail file on her bedstand.. too late the huge man sees her loose and grasps his massive hands around her throat in an attempt to stop her before she can run. But she has no intention of running just yet. She slams the pointed nail file violently into his stomach, …him over and over.. he stumbles off of the bed, trying to make his way out of the apartment, and falls dead in a heap on the floor. Daphne unties Audra, and grabs the man’s camera. She admires his camera work.. ” It’s too bad he had to die, he was pretty good” she comments to Audra as she snaps a few photos of her own of his body on the floor.

File Size: 200 MB
Resolution: 640 x 480
Duration: 00:29:55
Video: VC-1 (WMV3), 640x, 29.970 fps, 999 Kbps
Audio: WMA , 48.0 KHz, , 64.0 Kbps


Category: SNUFF