Seductive Studio – WINTER STRIP and CARRY

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: I really like it how some of your videos start with the girl in her usual / street clothes, and show the guy slowly undressing her until she is nude. I also love the nude carries and watching the guy feel up the naked girl. As such, my favourite video of yours so far is “Jenny’s Last Dance” – I really loved the carry scenes and the dude’s slow feeling up of Jenny’s great body! One thing that I have always wanted to see in a video is a guy undressing a girl not just from her street clothes but from winter clothes. We are coming up to winter now, and the girls everywhere are starting to rug up. I think it would be awesome to watch a dude slowly undressing a girl from all of those layers until she is nude, and then playing with her naked body! I think the contrast between seeing her fully dressed and fully nude is really sexy, and watching the transformation even sexier! I also love the foot fetish elements in your videos, and would love to see one where the guy peels off a girl’s boots and socks to feel up and lick her bare feet and toes. So this is my idea. The video starts out with the girl walking outside and then into her house dressed in a cold weather outfit, including a jacket, scarf, jeans and boots (not the riding style or uggs, but the leather kind girls wear over their jeans). There are a few pans up and down her clothed body, with a bit (not too much!) of a focus on her boots. When she gets in, it is cold inside, so she doesn’t start taking her stuff off straight away. The guy then sneaks up behind her and puts a chloroform soaked rag over her face – she goes down without too much of a struggle. He then picks her up and carries her around a bit fully dressed, again with some slow pans up and down her body. He then puts her down on a bed or couch, and starts to slowly undress her – and we get to watch everything. He slowly strips off her scarf and jacket. Then he unzips a boot and takes off a sock, and plays with, and maybe licks, one bare foot, then strips the other foot bare too. There is a bit of a focus on this. Ideally her nails are painted, though this isn’t all that important. Then he starts getting her out of her other top layers (e.g. shirt and cami or sweater and tee or whatever), as well as her jeans, kissing and playing with her body as he goes! Finally. he takes off her bra and panties, leaving her nude! We get a view of her discarded clothes on the floor. He then plays with / feels up / kisses her nude body all over and does quite a bit of nude body carrying, as in ‘Jenny’s Last Dance’. It would be nice if he pays some attention to her boobs, ideally with some nipple kissing and sucking. We have some nice pans of her nude body and bare feet. Finally, he leaves her naked and knocked out on the bed/couch and runs! And we get to see her nakedness as the movie ends… Some other stuff that I would love to see / variations on the above – the same scenario, but instead of winter casual clothes, she is dressed in winter business wear, e.g. formal pants with knee kigh boots underneath them, with a shirt / jersey on top, as well as a jacket / scarf etc. The scenario starts in her office, where the guy spies her out. She then puts on her jacket and scarf and goes outside; when she gets into her house, the fun above starts! – Hair play – the girl starts with her hair up; as the chap is playing with her body he lets her hair down and plays with it for a while too.

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