Seductive Studio – WORKING GIRL

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: It’s Daphne’s first night as a hooker, but she’s acting like a pro. The scene opens with her leading a man into a room by the hand. She’s wearing a tight tank top, tight blue jeans (preferably light in color) and brand new thigh high boots. She is strutting confidently with long strides. She walks the client over to the sofa and pushes him down, telling him that she’s going to give him the time of his life. She’s going to be his boot slut and earn every penny of the transaction. She walks back and forth in front of him stroking the tops of her boots as he gazes at her. She tells him this is the first time she’s worn her new boots, and she knows they are the reason why he picked her up – and all of this is turning her on. But before they get started, she tells him to fetch her a drink and a cloth. She’s thirsty and her boots have gotten dusty walking the downtown streets. He leaves and returns with a full glass of wine. Now he wants to get started, but she denies him, saying she must shine her boots before she gets to work. She takes a few sips from her drink and passes it back, instructing him to top up her glass. She now takes to shining her boots slowly with the cloth, a satisfied smile on her face. She enjoys the sound of the patent leather crinkling and gently caresses each boot with her fingertip, from the top of the shaft to the tip of the heel. Meanwhile, the client has had second thoughts, and .. the wine. He brings her the glass and she says she’s ready. She asks what he’d like, and he says he wants a dance. She drinks more wine and stands up. First, she stands sideways to the camera with her feet together, and keeping her legs straight, she slowly bends down and touches her toes, holding the position so her ass is in the air. She slowly bends all the way over, hugging her calves with her arms so that her body is essentially folded over. She holds this pose, stands up ever so slowly, and begins a slow, sensual dance. She teases him as she moves, taunting him and turning him on. But after a short while, she starts to look confused. She continues trying to dance, but clearly something is wrong. She says she feels weird and is getting lightheaded. He suggests more wine and she complies, taking a sip and then continuing to dance as best as she can. Every so often she pulls on the boots, pullling them as high up as she can. But soon she complains that her knees feel weak, as she holds her hand up to feel her head. He suggests she take off her boots, as the heels might be too high, but she insists on keeping them on. She says she never wants to take them off, and that she’s going to be his boot slut for the evening. She promises to keep the boots on all night, even when they finally go to bed – no matter what. Now she complains that she feels so weak she needs to sit. She stumbles around looking for the sofa, but can’t keep her balance. She exclaims that she’s going to faint, so the client stands up. He waits for her to keep stumbling around, trying her best to keep standing, but eventually she faints with a long, weak moan. He catches her with her arched back over his arm, as she hangs limp with her neck exposed and his arm supporting her by her underarms. Her hair is hanging down and her boobs are virtually bursting out of her shirt. After holding her there for a few moments to ensure she’s out, he scoops her up in a cradle carry and spends a few minutes cradle carrying her around the room, deciding what to do next while enjoying her limpness. He eventually lays her on the sofa with her head and arms hanging limpy over the arm rest and the rest of her body on the sofa. He takes off her shirt revealing a sexy bra, and removes her boots to take off her jeans, standing the boots up against the front of the sofa. But as he is about to get her panties off, she suddenly awakens, looking confused and tired. She doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that most of her clothes are gone, but is visibly dismayed that her boots have been removed. She says that they are going to finish this transaction even if she isn’t feeling 100%. She tries to reach her boots, but says she feels too weak, and lays back down. She demands that he pass them to her, which he does, and she puts them on. She is too weak, however, to zip them up completely and instructs him to help her finish. He complies and helps her to stand. He gives her the glass to sip some more wine, as that might help. She is swooning and leaning on him to stand, and he suggests they just forget the whole thing. She demands they continue, and asks him to lift her up and carry her to the bedroom where they’ll have sex and she’ll feel better. He lifts her up in a cradle carry again but remains in the same spot, facing the camera. She demands he take her to the bed, and begins describing what she’s going to do to him, but her words start slurring and her eyes roll back slowly. Eventually her voice fades and after a nice long moan she faints in his arms. Again, he cradle carries her around the room and ends up sitting her down on the sofa facing the camera this time, unconscious. The client takes this time to return to the kitchen and fill the glass again. Once more he puts some drugs into the empty glass but when he goes to fill it with wine he realizes the wine is finished. Just then, Daphne begins to stir. Not knowing what to do, the client hides as Daphne slowly gets to feet and starts stumbling around, calling for him and stating that the transaction must be completed – she wants him to fuck her in her boots. The client has had enough and sneaks up from behind her and grabs her. She weakly resists, kicking and squirming, but he swiftly twists her neck and with one final moan she collapses into this arms again. He cradle carries her limp body to the sofa and lays her down, checking her limpness. Her career is over.

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