Do it like my father


Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


Den and his girlfriend Elvira are jet set students. Den’s father is a high official in government. They study in prestige college where all teachers give them high marks only for their money and status. But Ekaterina, the young economy teacher doesn’t value students according money of their parents. She needs knowledge. Den and Elvira fail their test and decide to take a cruel revenge. They sneak into her apartment for massacre. If something go wrong, Den’s father will help as usual! Famous layers , friends in police… Young people feel free and impunity. They watch «a Clockwork Orange» and trust in «Ultra violence Way» and every time courage… Ekaterina comes home with her friend. Our friends are happy to see two girls instead one. More girls – more funny, isn’t it? Show begins. After short malicious conversation with hyper politic, like rich cruel teenagers from Rublevka or Knightsbridge can speak, Dens starts to choke his teacher and Elvira takes fun with her friend. After choking Aleksandra can escape and chokes Elvira. Elvira is already near to be dead, and Den is speaking about the art and doesn’t help. Suddenly he shoots Ekaterina and poor good young teacher has terrible agony and dies after painful shock. They force her friend to take off her clothes and to play with her corpse. Then they throw lots who will kill another girl. Sexy Elvira, the daughter of academician – rich, polite but very cruel sado girl wins. She shoots 3 times in girl’s body but Den end her with headshot. Two dead fresh girls! Oh, it’s time fun and selfie with bodies. Elvira takes off her clothes and starts doing selfy with corpses. But… awareness of the offense comes. What have they done? Judgment… Police… Prison. No more shopping in New York, no more clubs in London, and black caviar in Moscow manors… Elvira is in panic! She is not bad cruel sexy bitch any more! She wants to come back to a hour elier and replay her life. Den calls his father and asks for law-support. But father tells to kill Elvira as a witness and accomplice, play with dead bodies and show him this necro-party by video-chart. Den does it. He forses Elvira to take her clothes and shoots her to the neck. The gork has a freeze-look before death and now she is a third sexy corpse on the floor. Den plays with bodies but…. Father’s words was just his drug hallucination. Father’s true words are: «The cruel bustard! I won’t help you any more! You are not my son»! Den is seating near corpses depressed. Prison is waiting for him. Nothing is waiting for three young and beautiful ladies…

Very bad rich girl with her boyfriend kill their teacher and her friend. Bad girl gets her revenge!
Fetish Elements:

Bad girl, couple of killers. Three dead girls, shooting, hedshot, shooting, bloody, stocking, freeze look, begging for life, death stares, bodypile, playing with bodies, necro playing. Bad girl’s death.

File Name : Do_it_like_my_father
Runtime : 22min 32s
File Size : 400 MB
Format: AVC
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : AAC LC


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