Dreamscape part three


Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


The scene is an office. Lara wears a tight-fitting short black dress, black fishnet stockings, and boots. She dons dark-rimmed eyeglasses. She stands at a desk secretly photographing documents with her cell, occasionally checking over her shoulder. Suzy, dressed identically, enters quietly. Striking quickly, she clamps one arm around Lara’s neck, choking off her speech. As Lara struggles Suzy jabs a needle into her side. Keeping her arm around Lara’s neck, Suzy slowly lowers the rival spy down. Lara kicks back hard with her legs and fights to remain conscious, but her eyes glaze. Suzy caresses Lara’s face as her legs weaken and her eyes flutter closed. She lays the inert spy down on her side and searches her. Soon, Lara begins to stir, prompting Suzy to obtain a kerchief and douse it with chemical from a bottle. “Chl… chloroform? No!” Lara gasps, noticing the bottle, but her rival covers her mouth and nose. Lara kicks clumsily and tries to pull the cloth away, but she slowly passes out. Suzy cradles Lara’s listless form in her lap. She plants gentle kisses and resumes her search, recovering a flash drive hidden in Lara’s stocking. Satisfied, Suzy secures the drive in her bra. She then drags Lara’s inert form into a chair by the desk, crosses her legs, and then turns her back to dial her cell. Lara again stirs. Quietly, she finds a pistol in a desk drawer. “Don’t move!” Lara suddenly orders, pointing the weapon. Suzy slowly turns around to reveal a sly smile. She approaches calmly. “Stay where you are!” Lara repeats, but Suzy continues to advance. Lara pulls the trigger. The pistol returns only a click. “What the-?“ Lara asks nervously, examining the pistol. “Do you think I would leave you with a loaded weapon?” Suzy asks. She draws a silenced pistol from inside her dress and fires once. Lara clutches her chest and falls back into the office chair gasping for breath. Suzy approaches the wounded spy and softly caresses her face and hair. Lara weakly inspects the wound in her chest. “Oh, no! Right- in my heart,” Lara sighs. She weakly tries to stand, but Suzy presses her back into the chair. Her eyes slowly close. Her body shivers and then is still, mouth partly open. Suzy checks for a pulse. “What’s going on?” Viv announces, entering the room. “I found her copying files,” Suzy replies. Viv approaches. She inspects Lara’s chest and then checks her neck and wrist for a pulse. “She’s dead,” Viv confirms. “Help me search the body.” Together they drag Lara’s inert form onto the floor, remove her dress and eyeglasses, and take time caressing her face and body. Viv searches in Lara’s stocking, but finds nothing. She covertly stands and turns her back to Suzy to obtain a thin tube from her dress. “Was she carrying anything?” Viv asks, keeping her back turned. “No. Nothing,” Suzy lies. Viv frowns. She turns and blows a feather-tipped dart from the tube into Suzy’s thigh. “What the-?” Suzy exclaims examining the dart. “You lied to me Suzy,” Viv replies. Suzy stares back incredulously. She tries to stand, but her hands suddenly move to her throat. “Ohhh,” she gasps. “It’s… hard… to breathe…” Viv sits down next to the struggling spy. Suzy’s eyes roll upward as her body shivers. “Fast acting poison,” Viv explains, gently caressing Suzy’s face. Suzy clutches Viv tightly. “I’m… soooo… cold,“ she gasps. Her breathing slows and her eyes drift closed, mouth slightly open. Her body slumps limply into Viv’s arms, shudders briefly, and then is still. Viv checks for a pulse and then removes the dart. She cradles Suzy in her lap, caressing her face and neck. She removes Suzy’s dress and recovers the flash drive hidden in her bra. She then drapes Suzy over Lara, leaving the two insensate agents on the floor. She exits.

Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, erotic chloroforming, F/F shooting, poison, necro-stripping, and fondling, pantyhose, stockings, high heel pumps, sexy elegant business attire, spy scenario, dreams, body writhing, agonizing pain, eyes closed, body pile, nudity

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