Nikki Brooks in Never Trust a Roommate


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Description: ory put a add in the paper for a new roommate and Nikki has just moved into her large home. The girls hop in the pool on a hot day. Nikki says that the water is cold and that they should get close to warm up. They flirt and touch each others tight bodies, squeezing each others breasts. Cory puts her cold hands on Nikki’s nipples making her squeal.

They lay back in the water soaking up the warm sun holding each other close. Nikki leaves to go make them some drinks and Cory splashes her legs in the cool water. When Nikki returns it’s not with drinks but a and handcuffs. Yelling at Cory she makes her put on the handcuffs at . Nikki is here not to be Cory’s roommate but to rob her blind. Holding the to Cory’s back Nikki walks her out of the pool.

Scene Two: Swimsuit Interrogation

Nikki chains Cory’s hands above her head and begins to question her. She wants to know the combination to Cory’s safe and she will get it if she has to force Cory to talk. She starts by punching her in the stomach demanding Cory tell her. “I don’t know it” Cory pleads “You’re a fucking lair, give me the combination” Nikki yells as she continues to beat Cory.

When putting the to her head doesn’t seem to work Nikki moves on to more drastic measures. She chains Cory’s feet together and makes her hop back to the pool. Nikki tells her that she is going to tie her to a weight a the bottom of the pool and let her unless she tells her what she wants to know. She pushes Cory into the pool and watches her struggle to keep her head above water.

Scene Three: Water Torture

“Help me” Cory pleads barely able to keep from . Nikki gets into the pool after her. Holding Cory’s hair in her hand she questions her about the first number pushing her head underwater when she does not respond to her liking. Cory comes up and gasps for air each time as the questioning continues.

“I don’t know” Cory pleads through panicked gasps for air. Nikki tries to reason with Cory telling her that she will her unless she gives her what she wants. She dunks her over and over, draining away any resistance Cory may have to Nikki’s torture.

Scene Four: No loose ends

Nikki has had enough and dives to the bottom of the pool to cuff Cory to the bottom. Unless Nikki holds Cory up she can’t swim to the surface. Nikki holds her close and questions her again about the combination to her safe. Cory struggles to breath and tells her the combination out of terror. Nikki thanks her for her cooperation. Cory’s eyes go wide as Nikki leaves to make sure the combination is correct.

Cory attempts to unhook herself from the weight while Nikki is gone but is unsuccessful. Nikki returns and Cory begs her “I promise I won’t say anything please!” “I can’t leave any loose ends” Nikki responds and pushes her down into the water. Nikki removes Cory’s top and plays with her large breasts as Cory struggles to reach the surface. She holds her to the bottom and Cory fights as hard as she can until the last bits of air leave her lungs and she is left to drift helplessly. Nikki gives Cory one last kiss and leaves to go dry off.

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