Bagging Partners


Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Two buddies are landscaping together, they are doing the account with the hot girl who is always home alone. As they rake the back turf, and beds around the daffodils, Jack makes Johnny a bet. ” Bet you can’t get inside to get a glass of water”. The bets on, hands shaken, and now Johnny goes to the door. Gypsy just got home from school and she is sitting in the living room when he approaches the door. He taps on the glass, asks for water and she says, “get it yourself, just don’t make a mess”. His buddy tags along and she asks if he wants some too, he says please and the two men enter the house. They go upstairs, they cant figure out the sink so they call her up. When she gets upstairs, Jack is by the sink, but the other guy is not in site, as she goes for the doorway, he is there with a clear bag to suffocate her. She is so surprised, and starts to fight. Jack has no idea what is going on but grins and joins in, soon she is thump, on the floor and struggling. She fights so hard sticking her pantyhose covered bare feet in their faces, slapping, fighting and kicking to stay alive, but the bag is too tight and Johnny is a pro..Jack gets excited and he gets to bag, the transition is smooth as she fights hard to try and get away. After a very long bout with the bag, Jack, and johnny coaching him along on how it all works, and the fun to be had afterwards!!!!!n*cro!!!

After she has been dispatched, and the bag comes off, pantyhose is ripped out of the crotch, and they take turns on her, fondling, f***ing, fingering, and flipping her over and over to different rag-doll positions. After lots of body manipulation and postmortem action, the throw her to the floor and wrap her in a white sheet to go in with the grass clippings in the truck!!

File Name : Bagging_Partners
Runtime : 17min 13s
File Size : 382 MB
Format: VC-1
Resolution : 720×480
Audio : WMA2


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