Cheat Fight Love Die


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Description: Strange housemates situation makes things awkward around the house already because Tony has been letting himself wander away from Belle, and to the roommates. Her is just trying to sell his place and move with Scarlet(secretly) somewhere there is no Drama. Belle is jealous of Willow and when she rubs it in Belle’s face that she is also screwing Tony, it starts one hell of a CAT FIGHT!!! Dressed in Daisy Dukes cut-off shorts, and topless, the two girls get into a tiff and there is no way one of them is getting out alive. They trade blows, screaming insults at each other, clawing eyes, slapping, punching, titty twisting, cunt kicking, and punching, hand throttling and biting, no holes barred knock down drag out fight!! They go for a while, and when Belle gets the upper hand she puts her in a choke hold and bears down, Willow fights, but finally passes out from the arm bar. Belle drags her to the couch and props her up, grabs a stocking that is hanging over the couch’s arm, and wraps it around Willow’s lovely neck. She wakes her up and a strangle ensues. Willow fights harder than ever, not just for her man but now for her life. It is a long hard struggle but Belle prevails and Willow’s neck shows the scars from the nylon stocking. She is dead, so Belle is very turned on and grabs the dead body, lays her on the floor and starts to grinding her crotch against the other girl. She grinds hard, making the seam of her denim shorts, rubs her clit so hard and with great pressure, she bursts into orgasm. She has no idea the other roommate Scarlet is home and has been watching her Postmortem Sexcapade, which she notes made her very wet. Belle coaxes her into playing with the dead gal, then noting that the realtor will be there soon for the appointment to show the house. Scarlet grabs the stocking and hands it to Belle, asking her to play but don’t make her like Willow. Belle scoffs at the idea, saying how much she likes her, and Scarlet thinking that her affair with Tony is secretive, but the Daisy Dukes cut-off shorts and pony tails show Belle who she is trying to impress. Belle strangles Scarlet even harder, and Scarlet’s face is red as the nylon digs deep into her skin. Her eyes bloodshot, and her face red, Scarlet pushes hard to live but doesn’t get her wish. She dies with a couple twitches and a wide eyed look of defeat. Belle is in Heaven now that she has taken care of a couple problems and helped her urges to strangle and fuck dead sluts. She loses her edge though, forgetting that the realtor will arrive in a bit. She has no idea that Tony is back home and arrived with the Realtor, who is a very tall, BBW, dressed in a skirt, thigh highs and high heels. When they walk into the living room, Belle is there grinding on the dead gals, and the realtor comes into seeing this. The realtor knows Tony well but she freaks and mentions the cops and how a DOUBLE HOMICIDE will ruin her chances to sell. Belle and Tony think fast and know they need no trouble, so they try to calm her down by geting her to the couch, taking her phone and when she least expects, Tony throws the stocking around her neck and strangles hard!! She is a big fighter and flops all over, fighting so hard, and working so much that she fades faster than the thin broads. Her panties dig into her voluptuous mound as she bucks, but ends up twitching and pushing out her final air, then dead. Her eye makeup is smeared from the struggle and the tears of defeat. Tony gets up and starts in on Belle and how she really screwed up. She replies that he was doing everyone in the house, and that he probably fucked the realtor too. “Do blowjobs count?” he says and she flips…She is upset, but when he says it’s ok and they can work it out, he leads her to the couch. “I can make you some tea.” He says, trying to soothe the crazed woman. “We can get through this” she says as she surveys the carnage, and when she turns he is right behind her with the stocking, choking her the hardest because of the mess she left him in, and his herum of housemates and sexpots are all dead, on the floor including the Realtor, who Tony says gives the best Blowjobs..He strangles Belle so hard, her eyes bug out, tongue fishes for air and her mouth agape. Her face turns red and her neck is scarred from the garotte digging in. He finishes her off then gets them all situated, inspecting them, removing their shorts, playing with their bits and pieces, and starts with Willow, she was his newest and funnest, then he heads to the Realtor, which he had BJ’s but never had a car big enough to give her a good fuck, and was waiting to sell the house for that “Big Bang”, so he pumps her hard, then he moves to Scarlet, his girl on the side that was easy to hide because she was so scarce. He grinds her good before he moves to his Belle, the “Bottom Bitch” that let things go south because of jealousy. He screws her hard as her tits jiggle and her crossed eyed death stare wobble as he finishes inside her. Tony knows he muct clean, he only has a half hour before that cute Lesbian couple comes to see the house……Hmmm that gives Tony an idea….To be continued..

File Name : Cheat_Fight_Love_Die
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