The Cheating Test


Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Belle is a vulnerable young lady of 25. She was raised in a crazy family, and always had mental health issues. Chris her boyfriend of 5 years, who is a homicide detective, works long hours, making Belle wander and do things that good girlfriends dont. Today is a strange day as she drinks wine with her friends at the club she feels ill. She comes home and gets undressed. (scene starts with her walking into the bathroom and locking the door.) Belle is obviously upset, and knows a secret. She reaches into the cupboard and grabs a pregnancy test box. She opens it, then gets distracted by her body’s hormones, feeling, and knowing she is with child. Her breasts are swollen and her belly is growing already. She has been in denial, and di not believe the first two test sticks. The better brand this time will prove to her she is not pregnant. After checking out her own body Belle sits on the toilet and opens the tester stick, she reads the instructions, and is so careful, she then pees on the stick, extra long, holding her urine to go a long time. She puts the cap back on and sets it on a paper towel, she starts to check herself again and time flies, she looks over at the stick and grabs it. She flips it over and sees the two lines that mean POSITIVE…This freaks her out and she hears Chris come through the front door. She scrambles to hide the tester and the box, befor Chris, hearing her cough and the toilet flush twice, rustling, he heads to the bathroom, knocking on the door. She tells him to wait, but he can tell she is upset. He tries to soothe her, then tells her she better open the door before he kicks it in. She reluctantly does and she breaks down in his arms, then pushes him away as he asks questions. She finally tells him she is pregnant. He asks his questions to validate that it is real, then removes his glasses, trying to soothe her by rubbing her neck. He knows, being infertile, he can not make babies, and he also knows that Moreno from vice has had a thing for her for a while and has been dodging him at the precinct. He tells her he only has one thing for her, and snaps her neck, as she slides down the doorway, and onto the floor, immediately limp, he tells her the thing he can’t do for her, that is make kids. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom, throws her onto the bed and starts to undress her. He feels like she has betrayed him, she is a warm body, but disgusts him because she slept around and has someone else’s child inside her. As a homicide detective for 15 years, and a cop for 20, he knows how to dispose.. He flops her around the bed a while then leaves to grab the plastic and the rope to get her ready to transport to his informant’s place. While he is gone her naked, limp body is there to see…He makes his informants do jobs to pay restitution…He wraps her up in the plastic, awkwardly, then ropes her, looks at her face, and dead stare, the flings the body over his shoulder to take to the truck….

File Name : The_Cheating_Test
Runtime : 23min 52s
File Size : 310 MB
Format: VC-1
Resolution : 720×480
Audio : WMA2


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