Closing Costs


[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Closing Costs

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Description: Lexxi is a real estate agent who sells lots of properties, one of which is a house that was taken over in a bitter divorce where the wife took everything. She is dressed in a black skirt, white button down shirt, and thigh highs, bra, and panties, all matching.Doc calls his friend Johnny over to talk about what is going on, and why he is so desperate to get the house back, and in fact he paid every mortgage payment, property taxes, and even did all the repairs himself, and has scars to prove it. Johnny finds out that he knows the realtor and when this revelation occurs he get’s an idea. He calls Lexxi and says he wants to bid on the house, and she informs him that there is a bid on the table and they want to close first thing in the morning. He tells her that if he offers more, and has his financing set up, she must honor the bid. “It would mean more commission right?” She says, “True”. As he talks to her at the property Doc(Ex Husband) walks in. She immediately tells him his wife has issued a restraining order and he is not to be at the property at any time. “Well I am here to see my friend, he is right behind you.” At this point Johnny reaches from behind and grabs her, she struggles but he over powers her and takes her to the floor. They both wrestle with her and Doc slaps some sense into her, knocking her to the floor. He cuffs her arms behind her. He pulls her up and they both grab limbs, putting her on the couch. They mess with her body, Johnny pulls out a knife and takes her top and bra off, then moves her panties aside for some fingering. They grope her and interrogate her about the house and why she won’t return calls. She won’t talk so Johnny whips out his cock and shoves it in her mouth, fucking her face and mouth till she drools and chokes, spitting up stuff on to the floor. He rams her mouth and Doc gets an idea with the wine bottle on the table, “Let’s celebrate.” He shoves the bottle in her pussy ramming her vagina with the neck of the wine bottle, she begs and pleads in between gurgles of the deep throating.

Doc says they should move to the bedroom to get more comfortable so they pick her up under each arm and carries her to the bed throwing her face down. Johnny starts to remove her panties and skirt, then forces his cock into her from behind. She screams in pain, “No you are too big, stop, you are hurting me”. The two men continue to hold her down and force sex in several different positions. After a hard fucking in many different ways with the poor girl screaming and moaning, Doc suggests they check out the “Back Door”, so Johnny puts it in her ass, forcing it hard into her butt hole. She screams loud and cries out in pain. He rapes her hard from behind and when she tells him to stop after a while he says, “What, you want to to put it in your mouth bitch?”. He pulls his dick out and fucks her pussy some more, then puts it in her mouth, face force fucking her so hard that she gas and drools all over his dick. He commands her to lick his balls, then his shaft, then he cums all over her face, mouth and chest> he busts such a huge load on her, and she is defeated, she falls back on the bed, ashamed, hurting, and in pain. Doc says, “Well we cant keep her here so”…He grabs a wire rope from his pocket and wraps it around her neck and pulls tight. She wakes up immediately and fights for her life, thrashing and hitting the guys, clawing at the cable around her neck. She bucks her hips high and her lace top thigh highs slide down on one leg, the other remaining high. She fights hard but loses the battle with two men, one with a side, each with cord in hand, pulling tight. She fights very hard but ends up losing. She twitches and drools on her way out. When she is done, they let go of the wire rope and she slumps on to the bed, head cocked. The two men plot to get rid of her when Johnny realizes he has an uncle in the construction business, so there is no problem. We see her sexy body spread eagle on the bed.

File Name : Closing_Costs
Runtime : 39min 52s
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