Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Caroline Pierce w/ Chris B.

Caroline is at a conference for her business selling fine stationary and paper goods. She is in Oregon for her annual meeting with the paper producers and is excited to get back to her room and relax, have a cocktail, and read a sexy novel. When she gets to her room she checks herself in the mirror, then hangs up her jacket. She stretches after sitting for hours in a conference, then walks over to the kitchenette where a man is waiting behind the wall. The man comes out of nowhere and elbows her to the head, she falls instantly to the floor and chair unconscious. The man starts his long journey of spending time with the woman who he asks to dinner every year, but she replies with, “No thanks, I have plans.” he knows she just reads sexy novels, and he is sure that he can make her feel better than some book. He plays with her limp body, then her mouth. He picks her up and carries her to the bed. On the bed, he plays with her ass, and slowly undresses her outer wear. He plays with her sexy body and hair, checking out her tits, flopping her and rolling her over. After a long time of playing with her and getting her down to bra, panties, and stockings, he gets behind her in position. He grabs a nylon stocking out of his pocket and wraps it around her neck. He gets it right, then pulls hard, she is stirring and wakes with the hard pull, eyes wide and freaked out! She goes crazy, trying to escape from the strong man who just wanted a date, and had to kill her to get one. He strangles her and her tongue fishes for air, her eyes bug out and she fights to get the nylon from her neck but to no avail. He gets her upright after she starts to lose steam, making her come to life again, and fight harder. She flails her arms, and tries to hit him, but it is too late, she is too far gone. She fights, and twitches till the end, then when he knows she is dead, he gives her a slight push to see her fall face first to the bed form a couple different angles. She is done, but he is not. He checks out the sexy woman with super long wavy hair, almost touching her butt. He admires the hair and picks her up again, clearing hair from her face.. He plays with her neck and the nylon, then tips her over again. This time he does it so he can stick his face in her glorious ass, and worship it with his hands and face. He is getting the urge to fuck her corpse, so he finishes undressing her and does just that. He fucks her body, and as he fucks her removes the stockings, now he can fuck her and play with her bare feet too, the best of both worlds, because he loves both. He screws her in multiple positions before cumming inside her. He then smells and plays with her more, showing her off, as his own. Then he positions her spread eagle, and puts on his shoes. Before he exits, he puts one of her stockings around her neck to show her death, and beauty. We see pans and views of her in many different positions to showcase her lovely body and beauty. Bonus positions…Thanks! Chris

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