Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Coco and Kiki

A sexy Cat Burglar sneaks into the apartment of a naughty college co-ed and finds the place full of sexy pantyhose and stockings. She gets caught up in the aroma of the pantyhose, sniffing them, and getting aroused. The naughty college girl hears the cat burglars moans, and sneaks to the room, peering around the corner, with her chloroform in hand. She has the chloroformed soaked pantyhose, but stands to watch for a second, rubbing her clit with her free hand as she watches the cat burglar sniff her pantyhose, unknowing of her presence. The sexy girl moves to her quickly, covering her nose and mouth with the chloroform soaked pantyhose. She mocks the cat burglar asking her why she loves to sneak around and sniff others panties. The cat burglar thrashes, but the chloroform starts to take effect, she is almost drunk like but continues to fight, the naughty college girl pulls her to the leather sofa, and watches her eyes drift in and out, until she is passed out. She watches her pantyhose covered feet as the cat burglar fades out, eyes rolling back into her head. She rolls the cat burglar off of her and on to the couch, checking out her tongue protruding, so she sucks and kisses her tongue, tasting the sexy cat burglars lips and tongue. After she is done sucking, she stuffs the chloroform pantyhose as a gag in her mouth. She bends the sexy cat burglar’s legs to see her black pantyhose covered bare feet and loves them kissing, sucking, and worshiping her feet. She removes the black tights she is wearing and sees the black pantyhose underneath. She checks out her limp body for a bit, then she decides to take it into the bedroom.

A while later the sexy cat burglar is tied up to the bed with stockings and pantyhose, spread eagle, she is encased in pantyhose from her neck to her hands and feet. She has the pantyhose in her mouth from the chloroform as a gag and is starting to stir a bit, still groggy. The naughty college girl is going to town on her sexy feet, kissing and rubbing them, licking and sucking her toes. She mocks the cat burglar about her pleasures and searches through her dildos for a vibrator. She finds the pulsing vibrator with the remote control and places it on the cat burglar’s clit and pussy to pleasure her while the naughty college girl plays with her in a 69 position, sharing the pleasure of the vibrator on her clit as she mashes it against the cat burglar, moaning and smelling her pantyhose covered feet. The naughty girl plays with her more, telling the tied up burglar she can’t get off and orgasm before she does. She mounts her face with her pussy, grinding her vagina into her face, mouth, and nose. The sexy cat burglar being smothered and pleasured at the same time by the vibrator. She kicks her tied down legs and spreads her toes. She fights but is being smothered by pussy and pantyhose. The naughty college girl reaches back and sticks her hand down the pantyhose of the cat burglar. She uses the vibrator to rub harder and make sure the cat burglar cums as she dies, and at the same time as her naughty self. As the cat burglar kicks her feet, twitching and spreading her toes, her eyes flutter and roll back into her head, then relax. There are a couple of twitches, but she is gone. The naughty college girl dismounts the cat burglar’s face, her mouth still gagged with the hose, she starts back to the feet, and arms, dropping the limp arms, still tied to the post, then goes to the feet to suck the toes and kiss the feet. Good postmortem play. She is so excited about having an orgasm and disposing of a sexy cat burglar. She leaves the room after a few words, leaving the sexy cat burglar’s dead body to be viewed and enjoyed.

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