Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: This is my favorite so far because it has a happy ending, like the kind you get after a good massage in Chinatown. I decided that it wasn’t as much fun to find all these hot, young, dead vixens, and not try their hands in helping me achieve my goals as a CSI/Morgue guy. This girl was hot and fresh when I found her so I quickly did my work and got her back to the makeshift slab. I gave her a long, thorough examination, and I mean thorough! I could see from every angle, and moved her and checked every inch of her dead body. As I was finishing up, and remembering back on; finding her, checking her out, seeing her tight snatch, and firm tits in my hands, coupled with the fact that I missed my wife back home, I couldn’t resist! I pulled her hand up to my pants, rubbing them against my already stiff dick. I pulled it out and got a great handjob. I had the best time feeling her dead hand on my stiff rod, I couldn’t help but spill a load all over her tits. When, time to clean her up and let you guys check out her body.

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