[New, Joint] Chris� Corner � Pantyhose Spy Strangle

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: A new spy is trying to steal information from the compound but the veteran assassin catches her after she downloaded some files. He grabs her from behind hand over mouth and nose to knock her out. He takes her to his lair where he ties her to a chair and blindfolds her. He removes her boots to see her sexy feet in the sheer hose. He wakes her up and tries to get some info from her but she is not saying much. He tries with the gun, then He tells her he will strangle her but she seems impervious to his threats. He wraps the rope around her neck and chokes her hard. She bucks and gags with her tongue out, trying to get free, or get air but she is helpless. He chokes her out till she is passed out. He removes the rope, unties her and removes her bottoms, exposing her pantyhose, ass, crotch and all. He carries her to the big chair sofa. He messes with her limp body rubbing her pantyhose crotch and all, playing with her lovely tits. He gets her in position to strangle again because by now he is very turned on by the newbie spy, he wants to screw her and her pantyhose. Her soft skin, perfect toes, painted, and in pantyhose, are ready to be used. He needs to kill her first so he wakes her up with a thin cord around her neck and strangles her. She bucks and kicks in her pantyhose, her toes pointing and wrenching with every twitch. She fights hard but she is no match for the Vet. He finishes her off as she slides down the chair on to the floor. After she is wide eyed and dead, he gets up and removes the cord. He throws her onto the bed and rips the crotch in her hose so he can access her tight little pink twat. He loves to fuck the fresh spies before he ships them back to their commander. This one is extra good with the hose. He fucks her pantyhose and her pussy until he shoots his load on her sexy soles. He is turned on by her ass and pussy up in the air. He flops and rag dolls her around the bed to leave her for another time. Off to get cleaned up. Her sexy body is panned and viewed.

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