Peachy Keen Films � Jessica Jones To The Rescue

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Lily LaBeau, Ivy Aura, and Rock

Ivy is taking a nice, hot shower. She gets her slender body nice and wet and soapy, rubbing it over her tits and her pussy. She is startled when a mysterious men enters her bathroom, his eyes turning purple�GASP, THE PURPLE MAN!

He has hypnotized her and leads her away, she is to be a gift.

Meanwhile�Jessica Jones has infiltrated Purple Man�s hideout only to find him waiting for her, a big plastic bag in the middle of the room on a bed. He commands the bag to open and out pops Ivy, her sister!

She is holding a knife to her own throat, still under Purple Man�s spell. If Jessica doesn�t do want he says he will make her sister slit her own throat.

He removes a patch from Jessica�s skin that makes her impervious to his powers and takes control of her mind. He makes her punch herself in the stomach before stripping completely naked. In order to gain the Purple Man�s trust she�ll need to play with her sister first.

She approaches her and lowers the knife. They begin to cuddle, kissing and fondling each other. The kissing turns to rubbing and sucking as they eat out each other�s pussies. Jessica eats out her sister�s pussy with gusto, licking her clit furiously, and fingering her before sending her into a series of intense orgasms.

Jessica straddles Ivy�s leg and begins scissoring their pussies together as she humps her wet hole. After both cumming, Ivy lays Jessica down and begins licking her pussy up and down as Jessica plays with her big tits.

After making her cum, Jessica sits on her sister�s face hard as she grinds her dripping cunt into her mouth. But the pressure is too much and her sister dies from the intense grinding and cumming of her sister into her mouth.

The Purple Man wants her sister in a clear plastic bag before moving on. He hands Jessica a black trash bag and orders her to kill and bring back the bodies her team. She leaves, covering herself with a trash bag ready to kill for her new master.

She returns quickly with a trash bag full of dismembered body parts. Not satisfied, the Purple Man makes her reveal her naked body through the trash bag dress she�s wearing, first her tits, then her midsection, then her pussy.

She rips the bag to pieces and stands before him, naked and bloody. He makes her get on her knees as he pulls out his cock, forcing her mouth down on it. She gives him long, wet blowjob before riding his cock reverse cowgirl, moaning as it pounds her deep.

He bends her over and fucks her from behind as he grabs her hips. Still on her knees he shoves his cock back into her mouth, forcing it all the way to the back of her throat.

He makes her get rid of her sister so they can use the bed. Laying on the bed, the Purple Man chokes Jessica with a clear plastic bag as he fucks her pussy hard. She screams and gasps, but does not resist under his spell. The bagging is too much and she asphyxiates.

Down with her, he wraps her up in the remaining plastic, plotting the next hero he will enslave with his mind!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Jessica Jones, Purple Man, Shower, Thin, Soap, Costumes, Roleplay, Punching, Stripping, Lesbian, Pussy Eating, Fondling, Kissing, Necking, Cunnilingus, Face Riding, Scissoring, Grinding, Blow Job, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggystle, Deep Throat, Pussy Fucking, Hypnotizing, Hypnosis, Bagging, Asphyxiating, Asphyxiate, Clear Plastic, Trash Bags, Body Parts, Killing, Blood, Death, Body Shots, Foot Shots

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