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Description: Alexia plays a hot chick who was picked up by Nikki Daniels in public conversation that turned to the topic of drug use. Enticed by the prospect of snorting coke with a hot chick, Alexia agrees to go with Nikki, unaware that she is being lured into a trap. They snort the drug then Nikki puts it away in return for more pleasurable things. She selected Alexia strictly because of her bit hard tits. They kiss like little school girls before Nikki is eager to explore Alexia’s curves. Her hands grope and fondle Alexia’s tits and Alexia becomes aroused and in return seeks to get Nikki’s pussy wet. The girls take turns pleasing each other, unaware that Jack has just pulled up in the driveway. He prepares himself mentally to be able to do what he and his wife had planned; to take down a hot, innocent babe with conscience or consequence. He makes sure the gun is loaded then bolts towards the house. Alexia is surprised when Jack enters the room. She wasn’t expecting it; she had expected to spend all her time with Nikki alone and now Jack stood in her way. Jack was being forceful, touching her as he introduced himself. Nikki tried to get Alexia to go along but they could tell she felt uneasy and wanted out but she was so high on the cocaine she decided to make the best of it. As long as Jack stayed away, everything would be fine, but it didn’t last long. Jack crossed the room, pulling out a pair of zip ties and goes right for her backside. He ties Alexia’s hands behind her back quickly. Alexia thinks it’s a joke at first, a terrible one and wants out but when she hears Nikki’s voice tone change when she’s ordered to shut up, she knows she’s in deep trouble. Alexia grows angrier by the minute but cannot do anything as they grope ands fondle her. Jack dug his hard fingers deep inside her pussy and it hurt her but Nikki’s laughter angered her. They flip her over and control her with the gun. Jack really didn’t want to use it but would have if the situation spiraled out of control. He wanted to fuck her alive and so did Nikki. They took turns tasting Alexia’s pussy. It was fresh as she took care of herself. When they had their fill of eating, it was Alexia’s turn. They forced her to sit up and make her suck his cock. She had to swallow it, take it deep down her throat until she gagged. The more she gagged the more Nikki and Jack loved it. This went on for a long time with Jack forcing her to suck his cock or tit-fucking her or raping her or forcing Alexia to eat Nikki’s pussy. Alexia was in a pit of hell she could no longer escape but the couple needed a trigger to start the process of taking her life. When Alexia spit out Jack’s semen, it infuriated the couple to the point where they forced her upon the bed and strangled her. It was without mercy. Jack jumped on her, grabbed the torn panties and wrapping it tightly around her throat. To them it was like strangling an animal or putting one out of its misery. It took a long time but they finally got Alexia to go down. Sensing a spirit of arousal, Nikki made her move. Nikki felt compelled top stimulate Alexia’s clitoris as much as possible, to try and make her orgasm just before she died. Knowing that strangulation can bring about an aroused condition, Nikki watched Alexia’s body twitch and contort everything she rubbed on her clitoris. It was as if Alexia was reaching out to be fucked again. Once Nikki was still her urine spurted across the room like spring water. It was as if they sprung a leak in Alexia. She spurted across the room! This was the fire works, the grand finale of the show and the part that always brought them close together.

Runtime : 37mn 59s
File Size : 615 MB
Resolution : 720×480
Audio : MPEG-1 Audio layer 2

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