Choke Chamber � Lights Camera Strangle 3

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

VIDEO 1. Ravenna just a nice girl, who happens to be a well paid model. After walking the runway, she finds an empty dressing room to reapply her makeup and get some alone time away from crowds. But someone keeps knocking on the door, but when she opens the door� no one is there. The next time� annoyed, she hurries to the door, quickly swings it opened, and is immediately attacked viciously. The man�s strong hands gripping her neck, drives her back into the wall. He allows her to kick and scream, but eventually grows tired of her and tightens his grip� until she is dead. Stripping her down to her skirt, he plays with the body.

VIDEO 2. Sunshine gets home to find her hubby wearing a strange mask. It�s sort of out of character for him, so she�s puzzled. He asks her to play along with his little game. She reluctantly agrees, needing to slips into something sexy, while hubby positions her before the camera, then proceeds to act just plain weird. When Sunshine tries to leave, hubby, enraged, attacks her, grabbing her by the neck and, he doesn�t stop till she�s death. He admires his work, then pulls down her top.

VIDEO 3. It�s early evening, and Lolita is exhausted, after working for sixteen hours, she�s ready for bed. She rolls around, talking to a friend. She has no idea she being stalked by a paparazzi, with dark intensions. He tracks her down, and breaks into her apartment, making his way up the stairs where he finds her still relaxing. He sets up his camera and starts recording her. When she finally sees him, he attacks her, vigorously grabbing her by the neck. She struggles, But his grip is like a vice. When he squeezes the last drop of life from her body, he strips her, then begins photographing her in all her glory.

3 Vixens Choked and Killed on Camera!

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