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A classic tale of horror!!!!
A young woman is prepping for a shower.
Someone is watching…waiting.
She strips off her bikini and enters her shower.
Slowly she cleans herself under the warm spray of water. Undeknownst to her, she is about to meet a most heinous end.
Slowly the hose approached the shower. A man opens the door and she panics. He quickly disables her and she sinks to the floor–water beading off her young, smooth skin.
Out of the shower, he has her leaning against the wall as he preps her for her fate.

The hose is pushed into her mouth, down her throat into her stomach. Tape is used to secure it.
She wakes. Panic look. The water starts to flow…filling her up from the inside.
Her belly fills and fills….soon the water is going up her throat, bursting out. He holds her tight until he knows she can do no more. She jerks and spasms until it is over. She is still.
Her belly bloated, he removes the hose, the presses on her belly with his fingers, watching the water dribble out her agape mouth.
She is dead and he disappears wherst he came from–the shadows.

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