Baby why are you hiding in daddy’s closet? Don’t worry he’ll be back in a few days. I’ve been looking for you.wait a minute, were you hiding from mommy? Tell the truth. You were. You get nervous when daddy goes away.don’t you. It’s because you have to stay here alone.with mommy. And sometimes.mommy makes you do things you might not want to do. Awwww baby, don’t make mommy feel bad. You hurt my feelings. Even though daddy’s gone, I still need to get my needs met. It’s your fault because you’re such a cute young boy.
I saw you your didn’t know I was peeking. I saw you playing with that nice little dick of yours. Jerking made mommy so horny watching you touch yourself. Show mommy how you did it. I want to see. Take your pants off. Stop complaining. Don’t make mommy have to take them off for you. Because I WILL. Mommy can’t help herself when she gets so horny. I end up doing things I should’t be doing as a mommy. Mmmm good boy..such a nice little cock you have. Perfect for mommy to jerk.mmmmm and to fuck. I love my young boy’s little cock. I love your mouth too.put that little warm mouth on mommy’s pussy. Lick it.taste it. And then mommy’s going to fuck her good boy’s little cock.whether you like it or not.

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