You wish you could satisfy me sexually. You want to be the man that makes me moan in ecstasy, but you aren’t. I know you love me and I love you but that has nothing to do with my sexual needs. I am a healthy, fit woman and I need a good pussy pounding once in a while. I hope you don’t mind the solution I found. Now sit down while I tell you what has been happening without your knowledge. You know that younger guy I work with? the one in his early 20’s and in superb shape? Well, he has a superb shaft that he’s been boning me with. He makes a human pretzel out of my body and rams his rod in me for so long I practically have to beg him to cum before he completely thrashes my pussy. I don’t want your feelings to be hurt because you will never satisfy me like he can. I didn’t want to weave a web of lies to you so that is why I am coming clean about what I’ve been doing. You’re confusing me a little with your response. You aren’t mad at me for fucking a man other than you? Whoa, do I see your dick getting hard? Do you want to hear more about how I let him do things to me that I never let you do? I let him deep throat my mouth, better known as face fucking. I let him ejaculate down my throat which is something that makes me gag if I think about you doing it to me. He also fucks me without a condom which is about the only thing you and he have in common. I have to let you know that sex with you bores the hell out of me so I wont be having sex with you anymore. What I will do for you is jack you off so that you get some sort of sexual gratification from our marriage. The only hitch is that I talk about my lover while I stroke you. It’s not your fault you are inadequate for my sexual appetite. You have been by my side for many years on other ways of support. Speaking of support, if my lover impregnates me, you are going to help me raise the baby, not him. You would like that wouldn’t you? You would like seeing offspring that is part of me but not you yet you have a responsibility to provide for both of us. That would make you feel even less of a man yet more of one at the same time. You are my cuckold. Do you like that there is a word to describe your place in my life? I love stroking your super hard shaft while calling you my cuckold. Your dick throbs harder as I tell you I might invite my lover over to fuck me in front of you. You can be his fluffer, suck him off before he inserts his dick in my hungry pussy. Come on lil’ cuckold, cum for me. Ah yes that’s it! You lasted a lot longer being stroked off than you could ever last in my cunt. Now hurry up and clean yourself, I have a date tonight.

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