Peachy Keen Films – In Thirty

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Christmas only days away a young woman sits in her office on the phone with her boyfriend. She tells him about all the work she has been doing. They got a big lead today and she has been working it as any good reporter does. There is a killer on the lose and she is confident her hard work will pay off. But, she really wants to see her boyfriend.

She promises she will meet him in thirty minutes.

After hanging up, she changes to her good heels. It is a slow process, but a special occasion deserves the effort. Once done, she stops by the ladies room on her way out.

She freshens up, applies lipstick. She has this strange feeling-a feeling that something is not quite right. Several times she turns to loo behind her. Nothing.

The killer waits. Patience matters and he has plenty. The payoff will be worth it.

When the time is just right, he strikes pulling her up by his wire garrote, strangling the woman vertically against the wall of the bathroom stall.

Kicking, her heels are off the floor, resonating against the stall wall. The garrote is tight into her neck, her face contorts as she tries anything to regain leverage. But there is not. After a long, long struggle, she sloes, arms finally dropping, then is still.

She sinks down.

He enters her office-she is over his shoulder. He lays his prise on the desk, then removes her dress-slowly unzipping it then slipping it off. Next her panties, another slow review-she has a now mound with downy hair. He wants her.

Her feet are the next prise, settled in her strappy heels, he positions them on his lap and lets his cock slide up and down against them for a time.

Properly erect and ready to burst, he lets himself have her, feeling her tight warm pussy hugging his aching cock. She is the medicine that cures the pain and gives him the rush of life and lust. He fucks her hard, plunging himself deep inside her until-pulling out and bursting all over her belly.

Covered with his seman, he is finished. She is just a think now, laying before him. Used up, he has nothing left for her, so leaves her cooling form on the desk she lived at say and night for years.

All this, in just thirty as someone waits for his lover patiently in a cafe on Belmont. She will never come.

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