Peachy Keen Films – Space Monk Surprise

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Kitty Slotts, sexy field agent 0069 has been deployed by the S.P.Y. Bureau on a mission to penetrate xxxx mansion and meet with “Back of Throat” an undercover mole informant ready to expose sensitive secrets for the right price. Little does she know, she’s been followed by the mystical molester, Space Monk – a sextuple agent working for super-criminal terrorist organization B.A.D.D.

Space Monk materializes, surprising the stunned Slotts with blows to her sleek, latex-sheathed, finely-honed body. After dominating her with an organ-rupturing torrent of punches, a left hook to her open mouth knocks her to the floor, dazedly writhing on the floor in pain. A burst of his mind powers disabling her resistance permanently, Space Monk unzips 0069’s skintight catsuit, stroking her exposed breasts before commanding her to kneel. Powerless to resist, dazed and compliant, she obeys Space Monk’s monastic orders, sucking his wakening member into pulsing choking hazard with teasing strokes of her nimble tongue, enclosed in the hot wetness of her hungry mouth.

Angry veins pulsing with dominant pleasure, Kitty takes the terrible lancing of Space monk’s brutal fuck tool deep into her spasming throat – her shuddering body wracked with convulsive attempts to cough up the life threateningly thick pole, but only lubricating its deepening intrusion with viscous phlegm while her mouth betrays her survival instinct, uncontrollably salivating as it tries to suck him whole into her.

A moment before drowning Kitty, Space Monk pulls his length from her fluid filled throat as her tongue wetly flails, grabbing at the withdrawing cock, seeming to favor the oppressive mass over the rest of her body’s survival. Licking, kissing, smearing it’s dripping length over her face, Kitty recovers her breath long enough to be rewarded with a vicious skull-fucking. Spewing long cables of their mixed juices, the throat-goring assault tightens Space Monk’s balls and the thick choking blast of glue-thick cum fills her throat. Keeping agent 0069’s awareness hostage at the brink of life-ending fear and confused pleasure, Space Monk takes Kitty’s head in both hands, cock still deep in her uselessly retching throat and drags her incapacitated body across the floor, driving her skull with repeated hammering into the nearby bed. Concussed and oxygen deprived, her tortured esophagus filling with saliva and cum, Kitty’s last living awareness is her every muscle convulsing in fading strength as her lungs and throat overflow with a second searingly hot load of from his lethal weapon.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Partial Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Costume, Boots, Punching, Face Fuck, Drool, Suffocation, Body Views, Body Play.

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Extension: MPEG-4
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Duration: 00:13:16
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