Psycho-Thrillers – Bloody Set

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: During GG porn set Christie seems to be Irritated from beginning. She complain to director about everything. When she start filming her scene, she call “CUT” every time she don’t like something. After calling “CUT” for the 3th time, director got to leave the set to calm himself down. When he return he apologize to the girls, pick up the camera & start filming again. Sarah was laying down on her back & eating Christie’s pussy who was on her knees over Sarah’s head. Director made comment “I would fuck that pussy..” And bitchy already irritated Christie reply”CUT” ” OVER MY DEAD BODY”. Then the director explode, step off the set, grub knife & walk behind Christie & by one swoop he slit her throat. Her blood start gushing from her neck all over herself & on top of Sarah who was trapped underneath of her. Killer dropped Christie’s body on top of Sarah who was freaking out. He show Sarah the knife & warn her to behave. Then he roll dead Christie on side, walk to Sarah who was still crying & force her to give him BJ. Then he grubbed her legs ,bring her closer to him & penetrate her puffy pussy with his cock. He Fuck Sarah hard, she was fighting him away but he just jamming her harder till he cum in her. Sarah cried & call him names. He grubbed his knife again, jumped on bed with her , place it on her neck & by one motion slid Sarah’s throat. Sarah made weird noise , gurgle, & start going into shock. He walk to Christie, stick his cock in her mouth & make her do necro BJ. Then he spin Christie around & start tucking her when Sarah was still twitching. He fuck Christie till he pop on her bloody pussy. Then he place Christie’s dead body next to her co worker Sarah, put knife in Christie’s hand, open Sarah eyes & leave.

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