[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Red Rose Strangler

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: A beautiful, classy, woman in a dress, thigh highs, long satin gloves, and high heels, is surprised by a man behind the sofa. As she smells a lovely red rose, and getting lost in the moment, the man quickly wraps the red stocking around her neck with quickness and strangles her as she erotically tries to maneuver away. She is pinned down by the man’s garotte, bucking and showing upskirt views of her sexy panties, eventually kicking off the heels and showing her sexy toes, and feet in her black, sheer, thigh highs. She struggles sexily, her motions and sounds express that she is slowly being taken over by the lack of air, but still retains her beauty more than ever. Her bucks and twitches, slow, her feet and legs extend, and relax. The red stocking that matches the red rose that remains in her hand, until her final breath is completely gone, and the rose falls to the ground, signaling the last bit of movement, and her final death stare. The man waits for a minute, looking over her from behind the couch, then he positions her long ways on the sofa, and exposes her lovely breasts. He checks her out for a few seconds before replacing the red rose in her hand, and on her chest below her breasts. He exits with the thoughts of her lovely, sexy, perfect body, struggling so sexily from the strangle. What a classy woman, in her sexy death throws and lovely death stare.

This is something different. Done mainly on a tripod, with long sequences, a very sexy strangle, in a dolled up, perfect woman. Thanks! CB

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