Choke Chamber – All Come In Twos

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Lacey Lu is a beautiful woman, but she has a few bad habits. She likes fast money, and it’s not beneath her to steal anything she can get her sticky little hands on. Her boss has discovered that Lacey has been steal from him, so he sends a few goons to take her out. Lacey arrives home, and soon realizes. someone’s in her apartment. She arms herself, and moves down the hall, where one of the goon, surprising her, slaps the gun from her hand. They struggle, but he forces her to the floor, where Lacey knocks him off with a punch. She chokes him, then sits on his face as he struggles, she gets off. Then she snaps his neck. She realizes, it’s time to run. After packing a bag, she hurries into the hall where she’s met by a second goon, who shoots her in the chest and stomach . She mocks him, until he shoots her again. His last bullet strikes her in the forehead. Her last thought was. she screwed up for five hundred dollars.

Hot Asian Thief Shot By Her Victim’s Partner!
Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, Eyes wide, Tongue out, Multiple kill scenes , high heel pumps, stilettos, pantyhose, sexy business elegant attire, mini leather skirt, multiple death pans, shooting, silencer, muzzle flash, CGI bullet effects, blood effects, pistol, blood spatter, body moaning, writhing, agony, belly clutching, back-arching, crawling, belly, breast, navel, bullet wound, gasping, heavy breathing, tough girl, Neck snap, Leg lock, Punches, Rear choke hold ,Karate, Face-sitting, Super heroine, Spy Assassins, Asian

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