Choke Chamber – Deadly Dame

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: While Tony’s wife is out of town, he hires a Call girl just for a kick. He’s never done anything like this before, so this will be a whole new experience. Candy is a hot, big busted, blond beauty, who is ready for action. But Tony changes his mind, realizing he loves his wife too much, and can’t go through with making love to another woman. But, before he can pay her, and send her on her way, his wife, Sky walks in on them. In a rage, she attacks the call girl, grabbing her by the neck , driving her back, mounting her. Scared stiff, Tony runs away. Sky, now on top of the poor girl, presses down on her neck, choking her to death. Still angry, she strips the girl, stealing her dress.

Busty Corporate Beauty chokes husband’s blonde Mistress!
Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares,Eyes wide, Legs kicking and twitching, 2 models, high heel pumps, knee high boots, pantyhose, sexy business attire, mini skirt, short shorts, necro-stripping, fondling, handling, manipulation, limp play, rag doll, post-mortem, multiple death pans, body moaning, writhing, agony, back-arching, gasping, heavy breathing

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