Psycho-Thrillers – Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 15 – Grace X – Double Cross

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Description: Grace X has a plot to kill Sardonis, so she can take over the assassination/spy business herself. She hires a hitman to do the killing for her. When his finished the job he’ll come to a safe house where Grace is waiting to be paid off, but Grace plans to kill the hitman too, so there will be no witnesses. When the hitman arrives Grace is in bathtub, she offers the hitman sex as well as money for the killing, but asks for prof that Sardonis is dead. Before living up to her end of the deal, Grace gives the hitman an aphrodisiac that is also had a muscle paralyzing agent in it. Once the drugs have set in and he cannot move she has dominating sex with him. She cums all owner his dick and makes him cum as well. While she is enjoying making the hitman cum, Sardonis appears unexpectedly. He is not dead! He places the gun to Grace’s temple,he had bought off the hitman . He gives the hitman an antidote to protect him from the toxins in the drug cocktail she had administered to him. Both men forced Grace to take the toxic cocktail. Wanting to be sure the drugs have taken effect, they flip her her face down in the tub to make sure she is not faking and really paralyzed from the drugs. Once they are certain she is not faking, they take her paralyze body to bedroom and Sardonis has sex with her. Finally the hitman bags her to death while Sardonis continues screwing her stiff body from the paralyzing muscle cocktail. When she is dead, both man carry her body back to bathtub so Sardonis can report she drowned.

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