Choke Chamber – Call Girl

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Description: Girl is escort ordered for fun. She ok to play. Many chokeout in different positions-between each choke, girl rests/recovers on bed. At first she is excited and gets into it, but later gets more scared. Bed or couch as prop. Girl is ok with rough and wants to please, but he will go too far. Main positions: girl standing, then sitting on edge of bed, then lying on bed in different positions for most. Alot of close crotch/ass views. Starts out with the red tights/ bikini type top, then topless, then down to panties at end. Camera views are action when being choked and when asleep/resting. I put “dialog” english but no problem doing all in russian or whatever language.same point. This is rough.not need exact. Outfit red tights (1 below), V style panties (pink, white shiny, black-2 below), tight bikini/sports type top (no pic) Girl walks in ready for fun. Says..”Frank says you can do WHATEVER you want” Camera view close, low, looking up.she smiles and runs hands up and down her body. Shes liking it. Slowly takes her top off. Spins.nice crotch and ass shot. GIRL “what do you want to do to me?” Sits on edge of bed, legs spread. Smiling. Camera shots between knees low looking up (crotch to head) and side view. Man sits behind. Rubs shoulders, she loves..getting into it..opening and closing legs. MAN says, “I gonna choke you a little”. GIRL “mmmm”. He puts hands around her throat and squeezes. She slowly goes from excited to scared (no tongue out when choking). Jerks and moves legs. 30 seconds atleast of this, she slowly passes out and he lets her drop back on to bed.Man to camera “I know I said you could have her but you know I like to wear them down a little first and play a little”. Nice moving closeup of her on back asleep..feet up to head..slow. Breathing. He sits behind and wakes her up. She smiles, runs her hands up and down her body, digging into her crotch. GIRL “mmmmm, .i’m yours. Do you want me? Please”. He puts his hand around her neck and slowly starts squeezing. SIDE STRANGLE (like pic below) She likes and arches legs-pushing forth. She goes from moving sexy to panic scared. Slowly passes out and legs drop. Nice crotch shot (like pic) of her breathing. Slow body pan from feet up to head. He again wakes her up with light slap. She smiles, tired/scared, but still willing to play. GIRL,”Can we have fun now?” She runs her hands up and down body. Turns over on belly. He rubs her ass (or she does) and she loves it, moving ass into air. She moans and gets into it more. He shoves her head into pillow, so she can’t breathe. BELLY STRANGLE. Now shes arching her body up and down, like shes fucking the bed.kicking, struggling, starting to twitch. Long struggle to slowly drop. Nice ass shot and body pan as she asleep. He rubs her shoulders, ass and turns her over. She slowly wakes..scared but trying to please.weak smile-still thinks playing. Grabs by shoulders.TO CAMERA “see she’s still good.” Rolls over to back and sits behind her. He whispers to her “hold your breathe again sweetie” and puts hands loose around neck. She smiles and says “why don’t you stop playing and fuck me now”, runs hands down body. This makes him mad. He squeezes hard and she jerks quickly. MOSTLY STRANGLE ON BACK. He sits behind and hands around throat. her legs apart. low crtch looking up. hands on throat. tighter. struggle.legs open closed..arching alittle.gasping. She quickly starts twitching..hands clenched. He holds her until she collapses breathing and arching hard but still awake and moving he laughs. Pulls off her pants while she squirms. he runs hands down and up her body.then back to neck. tight again. Pulls her up sitting up. She scared, but tries to be sexy. GIRL “you wouldnt hurt me, that would be such a waste. Take me”. He squeezes hands on neck again, this time HARD and pulling her up. Twists neck slow and up, she struggles, legs spasming. Slow crack as he tries to break her neck, lets her fall back on bed. She falls back on back but not dead, just paralyzed. Breathing hard, legs twitching, arms flailing/moving. He watches her helpless as she twitches on back, he rolls her to belly to see/grab her ass, then back on back again(camera pan body, crotch, ass). Realizes he has to finish her. MAN “this is so sad, cant leave you like this sweetie, you missed out frank”. Runs hands slowly down her twitching body. Sits behind and clamps hand over mouth/nose so she cant breathe her eyes bug and twitches become frantic. She arches up but cant do anything else. helpless. slowly slows , twitch slows..more crtch. He lets her go and watches her twitches/moves slow and stop. She is done. Her eyes are open dead. He lifts head up once, runs hands on her body and lets her drop to make sure.

A guy invites call0girl for some role playing in choking games. He looses control!
Fetish Elements:

Choking for knocking out! Suffocation for knocking out Games turning to real strangulation! Stripping panties during strangulation! Much limp fetishes!

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