[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Tough Decision

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Chris is a con man, drifter, and womanizer. he is on his next victim, a very sexy, beautiful investment firm’s accountant. Her name is Salang. Since he met at the bar after her nasty break up, he has convinced her to embezzle large sums of money and send them to an offshore account, so that they can live happily ever after. They enter their hotel room 3 hours from home, after eating a nice dinner to celebrate the last deposit and their departure to somewhere tropical. Chris is vague about the whereabouts of their paradise, but is elaborate in his plans. He fills her inn, soothing her worries, and getting her ready for the last ride of her life. They start to make out as he undresses her slowly. he pushes her back on to the bed then removes her shoes, kisses her breasts, licks her pussy and fingers her to get her hot, then she returns the favor by taking his clothes off of him and sucking his dick, She licks and sucks him, enjoying every bit. After a nice BJ, Chris pushes her back on to the bed and puts on his condom, claiming kids would ruin their plans, and plunges himself deep inside her. They have sex in many positions, and when he is fucking her hard from behind, pulling her hair, she claims she wants it, “harder, harder!” Chris obliges then flips her over to finish his fuck He cums inside of her and they both climax, and fall limp. He is laying in her arms when he says he needs some water. “Would you like some too dear?” She says yes. Chris goes to the bathroom and puts a poison pill in her cup, claiming he was taking his meds. When she drinks the water she immediately says, “this water sure tastes funny here.” “I agree” says Chris. After a big swig she starts to cough and gag, saying that she couldn’t breathe very well and she was feeling sick. She tries to go to the bathroom and falls down, she gets back to the bed and really starts to curl up and cough. He encourages her to drink more water, it will help. She downs the cup of poison water and goes into twitches and asks him what is wrong with her. He explains, “I had no choice, I couldn’t be too safe, I did what I had to do.”.”But I thought you loved me?” “You poisoned me?” she exclaims while choking. He explains more then says they should do one last round. He pulls her by her hair towards his body, whips out his cock and forces it into her mouth. He fucks her face as she gags, drools, and chokes on his hard cock. He cums in her mouth and tosses her head to the bed. She is fully twitching, eyes rolling back in her head, and then straight again. She foams at the mouth and jerks into a convulsive, then still state as she dies, eyes wide open, mouth open. He throws her spread eagle onto the bed, then exits to get things packed up. Right before he leaves he tells her he will miss her but will bury her deep in the desert on his way to his fortune in paradise. “You were good, but I will find another.” Slow pans and views of her sexy dead corpse.

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