[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Cocos Poison Tryout / COCO’S LAST TRYOUT

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Coco is trying out for a major sports team’s cheerleading squad. She has already been cut from the squad for some reason, but is so persistant she decides to sneak into the General Manager’s office and try to seduce, or impress upon him personally. She enters his office through the side door, and pretends to be startled by The Executive. She introduces herself and why she is there. He doesn’t say much, only short replies to her questions. Then she looks straight at him and starts to take off her short white button down shirt tied in front. Her tight white shorts snug on her perfect ass, and a slight bit of butt crack shows with her lovely brown skin climbing up to her hair. She looks at the executive and says, “I know you cut me from the squad, but I will do anything you want me to so I can be a cheerleader.” “I will change my routine, Hey, I used to be a belly dancer, have you ever fucked a belly dancer”? The man does not reply and she gets more and more desperate asking him to please, “Fuck me, you can fuck me however you like”. The man tells her to use some baby oil to get things going. She runs the oil all over her tits and belly, rolling the belly like a BELLY DANCER, and arching her back, getting turned on.

After a few minutes she starts to look frightened, then confused, starting to hurt from the poison baby oil. She yells, “It burns, please do something, I will do anything you want me to do”. “Please, you can fuck me anyway, you can fuck me hard as you want, please make it stop”.
She starts to arch her back and her pain is so erotic. She tries to fight it but to no avail. She is in big trouble. The oli continues to burn into her skin as she begs the executive for her life. She goes to the chair, to the floor, ass up, grinding and bucking from the pain until she dies, then long pans and views of her sexy oiled up body, and lovely soles, and especially her sexy belly.

Very erotic custom. If you like one of the hottest gals on the planet in her element, doing some amazing moves with her body, and her sexy, smooth skin coated in oil doesn’t hurt either, well except it does kill her..CB

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