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Description: Contains: Home Invasion, Forearm Throat Choking & Crushing, Neck Breaking, Brief Choking Suspension, Undressing, Nudity, Explicit Fondling, Explicit Necro Oral, Drooling Description: A young girl is home alone when she is surprised by a powerful killer. He grabs her by the throat, cutting off her chance to cry out and he lifts her off her feet into the air. He shakes her loose of her consciousness then lays her to rest on the dining table. He positions her body then strips off her panties and pulls at her bra until it exposes her big breasts. He worships her breasts then her entire body with his hands then forces his big thick finger into her pussy. She begins to groan and wake up to find herself being choked by his massive forearm pressed tightly against her throat pipe. She tries to fight back but cannot wiggle herself out from beneath him. And when she does, he grabs her by the ass and forces her back beneath him. She can feel him fingering her increasingly wet pussy as he tries to take her out. Soon her eyes light up in horror and her tongue darts in and out her mouth trying to take in air. Her sexy soft legs spread erotically almost as if to fuck his fingers in an effort to get herself off before she checks out. The force of his weight on her throat forces her bone to give in and snap in four different places, her body twitching each time. Once he knows she’s gone, he stuffs his thick cock into her tiny mouth and fucks her face until he blows, pulling out to leave a thick trail of his cum spilling down the side of her lifeless face.

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