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Description: Editor’s Note: This is one of our older video productions we never got around to editing. Features Alexis in her first film feature as a college student. A very solid performance but another solid performance by Megan. Contains a double urination and the terror element. Contains: Set-up, Striking, Death by Asphyxiation, Terrorizing with Knife, Double Urination, Ligature Marks, Neck Snap, Sleepy, Fondling, Body Handling, Limited Limp Play, OTS Carrying Description: Megan plays a gothic house sitter who becomes pissed off at her employer’s stuck-up behavior. Bored she decides to have some fun and gives her boss’ sleeping husband a blowjob until he comes in her mouth. Unfortunately for her the wife catches her and pays off a man to kill her. The man cuts power to the house then poses as an electrician who arrives to fix the problem. Once inside, he knocks her unconscious with a single blow then OTS carries her to the bedroom where the drama all began. He lays her down on the bed, wakes her up then terrorizes her with a knife until she is fully nude. He sits her up before him then strangles her. He watches her pale body thrash for life as the tightness of the cord traps the air in her small sexy breasts. Unable to twist or run away to breath, her body weakens and releases several spurts of urine as he takes her down then snaps her neck to make sure she’s gone. He plays with her body, checks her pulse and shakes her to make sure she doesn’t wake up before he leaves.

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