Randy plays Agent Nina Metz, a sexy, smart, detective working on a missing persons case. Several reports of disappearing women have been filed, so she is now on the mystery prowl. Nina’s car breaks down in front of what appears to be an old, dilapidated “hillbilly”joint. She knocks at the door, and is greeted by a red-neck in a cowboy hat named Bo. He invites the tired, thirsty detective inside, and offers her a drink. She questions the bar owner about the missing women, and shows him a few pictures. Naturally, he claims ignorance. He seats the blonde beauty, and proceeds to the kitchen to prepare her beverage. It’s a special brew of beer. an old family recipe.a concoction which will prove to be something to die for! Nina drinks the beer, starts to get dizzy, then passes out on the table. The beer had a special poison that freezes the brain dead immediately. Bo grabs Nina’s head slack-jawed and wide- and slightly crossed-eyed, staring at nothing in particular, her tongue hanging out of the corner of her mouth. Bo drags her body, strips it naked and plays with the stiff beauty. She is now hard as a board, legs and arms spread wide like a mannequin. Bo has taken her organs and stuffed her like a doll. He puts make-up on her, fondles her breasts and buttocks. He poses her, and manipulates her facial expressions. He takes pictures of her, and puts a note on her forehead stating, “out of order.” Alas, the dead doll is now ready for mounting.

A CUSTOM FREEZE, MANNEQUIN FETISH Starring The blonde web star

Fetish Elements:
Arousing post-mortem death stares, freeze, mannequin, face play, full nudity, pantyhose, necro-fondling, pumps, business casual attire

Starring: “Randy Moore”

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