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Description: Some graduates are staying in a hotel while they look at prospected Universities in the area. They make plans what to do for the weekend. Alisha’s boyfriend Rex decides to grab some ice so that Nikko can coax Alisha, her best friend to have a Three way orgy with her and her man, but Alisha is very turned off by the idea and is very jealous. When Rex goes to get ice she confronts Nikko which starts off with some truth, infidelity, and harsh words. The words get too bad for Alisha so she pushes Nikko to the couch, when Nikko gets up she is cool and doesn’t fight back until she is pushed again, they get into a struggle, upright grappling, until Alisha hauls off and punches her in the face, knocking her to the sofa. She wipes off her mouth, and she is stunned by the punch to the mouth. Alisha throws her back down to the couch after she tries coming at her. She straddles Nikko, slapping and punching her in the face a few times, then reaches for the hotel phone, creatively whacking Nikko in the head, which knocks her out cold. She checks her but is still cursing her for wanting her boyfriend. Rex comes back in and is very pissed off, he checks Nikko and starts to yell at Alisha for what she has done. They think she is not breathing, so Alisha storms off, mad now because Rex is so concerned and not addressing her issues. She storms off out of the room and Rex tries to figure it out, panicking for a moment, then grabbing her in a cradle carry, and taking her around the rooms, looking for a place to stash the body, then it dawns on him that now is the time if ever to tap that perfect body of Nikko’s and then use the guilt card when Alisha returns, if she ever does. He throws her on to the bed, immediately fondling her perfect body. He plays with her boobs, then starts to remove her clothes, slowly to get every ounce of her, every curve, smelling, kissing, tasting her. He gets her undressed, except for her flip flops, which turn him on with her tiny perfect toes and feet. Rex flips her over ass up and gets his cock out, strapping it up with a condom, rock hard he plunges himself into her, pulling her ass up to him as his dick slides in and out. He pumps her in many positions as he gets his fill. After a long fuck, with her knocked out, Alisha returns and is more infuriated, rushing to the two backed beast and slapping him, and screaming at him enraged by what she sees. He grabs her, rolling off his fuck, trying to reason with her that this is the perfect opportunity to finally have a three way with Nikko. This sends her over the top and she slaps him hard across the face. He flips out and snaps her neck, then proceeds to flop and take her clothing off so he can fuck her limp, dead body. Strange to him that Alisha’s eyes are open and Nikko’s are closed, but he is so full of vinegar that he starts to fuck Alisha’s perfect pink pussy, her long legs in the air, and behind him. He is so into the sex he doesn’t see Nikko stirring. She comes to and freaks out, so he continues to fuck Alisha’s corpse as he strangles Nikko with his one off hand. As his pumps get harder and nearer to climax, so does his grip on Nikko’s neck, as he cums super hard, he clamps down, crushing her throat, and with his last pump breaking her neck with a grunt. She goes from crazy fight to immediately limp. They are both dead now, he dismounts and goes to the showers, leaving the two to lay dead next to each other. Their bodies are viewed and panned from every angle until he returns, removes his towel, and finishes what he came on the trip for, to fuck Nikko and have a threesome. He gets his fill cumming again inside Nikko this time, then he cradle carries their bodies back to the living room, placing them both where they were before this beautiful mess happened. He leaves, claiming, “I know what we are doing all weekend now, don’t get into any fights ladies”, and exits for more views and pans of the two sexy dead gals, and his dream threesome

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