“Threesome Surprise 2”
Starring Melissa Moore and Norah Nova

Melissa and her boyfriend have began inviting a third into their bedroom. Tonight was Melissa’s turn to meet their unicorn, Norah. The date went so great, Melissa brought Norah home to meet her boyfriend. As they wait, Melissa begins to take a good look at their new ‘trois’. Her feet are adorable, and her outfit as classy and tasteful as it is sexy. Pulling Norah’s skirt down reveals a sexy pair of red crotchless panties, perfect for Melissa to lick Norah’s pussy.

The girls get comfy with each other real quick. Norah who has a foot fetish sucks on Melissa’s toes while the girls rub each others pussies with their feet. Finally Melissa’s boyfriend arrives. Happy to see the girls getting along so well, he pulls out his long cock. Melissa crawls over to him to get him up to speed. She sucks on his length while Norah eats her pussy and kisses her toes. Flipping on her back, Melissa takes her man’s meat in her pussy and Norah puts her feet over her shoulder so that Melissa’s boyfriend can taste her toes.

Now it’s Norah’s turn. Melissa helps get her on her back and spreads her legs wide open to receive her boyfriend. Melissa’s boyfriend pumps his cock in and out of Norah with vigor as Melissa licks Norah’s sexy heels. Melissa moves her hands to Norah’s neck to show exactly how fun her and her hubby can be. She squeezes and Norah’s face turns purple as she releases a massive orgasm.

Melissa bends over the bed so her man can take her from behind while she makes out with Norah, still cumming down from her orgasm. Grabbing her thong Melissa wraps it around Norah’s neck as she cums closer and closer to release. Before Norah realizes she’s being strangled she loses the energy to fight and passes out just as Melissa cums, out of the ecstasy of her man thrusting behind her and watching the life leave her victim.

Having never tried dead pussy before, Melissa’s boyfriend tastes Norah’s cunt, still wet, before propping her up to finish himself off on her. He pumps her cunt while Melissa patiently waits to receive her man’s seed. He pulls out at the last minute and shoots his load onto Melissa’s waiting tongue. Still not fully satisfied, Melissa mounts her man for one last orgasm. Upon finishing, he abruptly points a gun at her head shooting her between the eyes. He fucks his kill one last time before posing the two victims.

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