Steevie is a very sexy blonde walking home late at night after getting done with work as a cocktail waitress. She strolls along and walks past an open door, peering in as she strides. Out of nowhere arms reach out the door and grab her pulling her in, bouncing her head off the door, and slammed down on a mattress at gunpoint, all in a couple quick seconds. Steevie is scared to death and in shock. She whimpers face down on the mattress as the crazed, lunatic, rapist holds the gun and says. “Keep quiet and do as your told, or I will kill you”. She whines in fear, but doesn’t resist, scared to be shot to death. The man orders her to stand and get up against the concrete wall. She does just that. He commands her to remove the jacket, and when she hesitates, he slaps her face hard and says, “don’t make me have to ask you twice”.

She removes the leather jacket and drops it to the floor. He plays with her body, with the gun, under the red light in the corner of the warehouse where he rapes and kills his victims. As she takes her clothes off, he forces the gun in her mouth, screwing her face with the cold steel .380, and then working his way to her cunt, where he penetrates her slightly with the nose of the iron. She whines and whimpers, not speaking a word. He orders her to the mattress, on her knees, and then fucks her mouth with the gun, then, tells her to unzip his jeans and pull out his cock. He forces her at gunpoint to suck his cock. He rams her hard and she gags on his member. He rapes her mouth hard, and forces her to lie on her back while he rapes her hard, the whole time holding the piece to her breast, head, mouth, and pussy. She is terrified and acts like she is being hurt, but at the same time, you hear the orgasmic pains that run through her body. She just wants to live, so she tries to oblige him, with some resistance.

After screwing her silly, he grabs her by her hair and makes her face down, where he fucks her hard as she screams and moans in pain and pleasure. After ramming her with his hard dick, he puts the gun in her pussy, fucking her hard with the steel, the whole time it is cocked and loaded, to add the tension and terror. By now she is broken down in every element. After he grabs her and lies on his back, he forces her down on his dick and doesn’t let her breath at first. Then he lets her up, and then down to smother and gag, choke on his large penis. She fights hard, but to no avail, she fights, quivers, twitches, bucks, and heaves, even grabbing the mattress for leverage, but he just throws his boot to her back and she is doomed. She chokes to death on his hard cock. After she is dead, he plays with her by grabbing her hair and getting a dead, slack jaw blowjob. He goes for a while with him face fucking the dead girl. After he is ready he throws the body off of his and grabs her legs. He fucks her dead body for a couple minutes, ramming and slapping hard. He cums hard on her belly, as all of his fantasies come true. He positions her on the mattress for round 10, and exits the room for the world to view.

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