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Description: Rock has been working at the morgue for a while, because he loves the way the bodies look. One day, a young female is admitted and after she has been inspected and prepped, Rock sneaks in after hours and takes her home with him. She is so beautiful and he wants to treat her right.

Once he gets her body home, he sits her up in a chair so he can treat her like the lady she is. Her body is rigid from rigor so he can pose her like a lifesize doll. Rock pulls out his makeup kit, eager to make her up all pretty. He puts on rouge, eyeshadow and lipstick, being careful and metered in his approach. Then he puts on a beautiful necklace that used to belong to his mother. Then he slips thigh high stockings on her cold feet, followed by a lovely pink bra and a pair of white lacy panties. Then he slips a pretty pink evening gown on her body and a nice pair of strappy heels.

Now that she looks so beautiful, Rock takes some photos of her as she sits politely in the chair. Then he lays his beautiful doll on the bed, caressing her hair and nuzzling into her. She may feel cold to the touch but she is so beautiful and radiant in her new outfit. Carefully, Rock slides the panties down her stiff legs, and inserts himself between them. He fucks her body. He loves the way she feels, and tastes, and smells. When he’s ready to finish, he cums on her beautiful face, watching his cum mix with her makeup. Then he wipes it off, because he respects her and she is a lady, and then carries her to the closet, where he keeps her for future dates.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Post Mortem, Makeup, Dressing, Limp Fetish, Morgue, Necro, Thigh High Stockings, Body Views, Foot Views.

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