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Description: Keeley was an escort and decided she would try to spice things up with her next appointment.

Things started out as usual. Super hot, 19yo girl and a 30 something average joe looking for some fun. But, after some touchy feely sucking and licking, it was time to move on. She wanted him to choke her while he fucked her.

So, then began the session. He fucked her as best he could, while she strangled herself with a thin leather cord. In fact, she went out. He panicked at first, but once he realized she was ok, he kinda liked it. Soon, he was strangling her.

After a few times of her going out, they changed some positions. Each time, he strangled her harder and harder. Each time, she went out. Finally, he decided, he wanted to keep strangling her after she passed out. Then, she came back too, struggling for her life. He got her into a better position for leverage and strangled the teenage escort until she stopped moving.

He was excited. What a rush. This made him hard as a rock. He repositioned her, then jacked himself until he came on her chest. When it was over, he took a last look, and left quickly.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Teenage/Young, Explicit Sexual Content, Brief Toe Sucking, Foot/Leg Views, Multi-Garrote Strangling with Unconscious, Garrote Strangling, Cum Shot, Body Views.

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