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Description: Two best friends are having the time of their life with their new fake show called the “Bag N Hang Game”. They get hot chicks on Joe’slist and lure them to the dungeon with dollar signs in their eyes, but in the end, the only thing in their eyes is a death stare and some cum from their cocks. The two girls arrive at the location, Doc and Johnny introduce themselves, and their Camera man Chris. After some convincing and coaxing to drink from the flask, the two girls start to loosen up. Andi decides she wants to really have fun and decides to really get into it. She plays like she is the freak. London is very conservative and treats it like a gig. After the girls drink, and the guys pretend to drink the drug laced alcohol, it really affects London and she volunteers to go first. They get her in the chair and the bag goes on tight, at first she wonders but then realizes this is not a fun game for her. She kicks and fights so hard they have to all restrain her while johnny holds the bag on her head, then Andi asks to please take a turn because it is really making her pussy soaking wet. Johnny carefully hands off the bag and Andi bags London like a pro, she bears down on her with serious force. London fights hard as Andi rubs her pussy on the back of her bagged head. Soon London starts twitching and ends up still, eyes wide open death stare. They take the bag off London’s pretty face and immediately Andi starts to talk about how she wants to be hung to death, the guys are surprised but say they want her to live, she says, “You will at least bring me close right”. they say, “Absolutely”. She gets up on the chair after some dialogue and grabs the noose after some instruction tightening it to her sexy neck. She smiles right as Johnny kicks the chair out from under her legs. As they kick wildly she starts to swing and hand, choking, drooling, and never getting a gasp of air. She fights harder and harder, but the rope gets tighter and her face gets darker red. She sticks her tongue out trying to fish for air but she sways and jerks to her death. After she is still they let her down, Johnny grabs her and sets her next to London. They mess with the bodies before Johnny decides he wants to fuck London’s mouth, then he has a great time getting a nice long necro BJ, then Doc brings Andi back to the pile for some mouth fucking. Johnny fucks both dead girls mouths before jetting a hot load on both of their faces. After he gets all the poison out, he cleans them up, wiping the cum off with wipes while they are panned, then he exits to help Doc grab some bags. More views of the sexy tall hot gils who had too much fun playing the game.

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