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Description: Belle is an adventurous woman that loves all of life’s pleasures and especially PANTYHOSED FEET.
She constantly has dreams and day fantasies about her co workers, baristas, and everyday women on the street, in the throws of strangling, smothering, bagging, or choking out some hot chick in pantyhose, her favorite color being black. In most of her dreams and fantasies, she is dressed like a stealth assassin, clad in black, like a CAT, with black pantyhose, and a bandit mask, sneaking without shoes into the room where her victim is entranced, asleep, or even, distracted by what they are doing at the time. She always plays with them when she finishes, sucking on their pantyhose covered toes, sniffing and whiffing their bodies and especially the feet. Kissing and sucking all over their bodies, she makes her way out of the dream after a catchy line that mocks the victim. Every movement, cat like, feet arched and pointed, moving across the bodies taking in the pantyhose victims.
DREAM # 2 Yoga Choke

Belle still sits in her office, hot and bothered from her first dream fantasy, when she starts to explore her body more, getting into it as she fantasizes about her next kill. This time she watches as a sexy tall blonde in pantyhose and a tight shirt do stretches and yoga poses. She bends in so many ways flexing her feet. She is obviously a ballet dancer who meditates with yoga. As she stretches and flexes her feet and spreads her toes, arches her feet as she moves. She is listening to head phones of her favorite meditation music so she does not notice the assassin drinking her beer and eating her food as she watches her stretch. She just needs a little extra energy for this one, compared to the last. She has a different method that she will try. As she sees the young sexy dancer go down to stretch, then up to her knees, she knows she is ready. The bandit mocks her by making noise on the way, going with the music she can hear coming loud out of her phones. When she advances, the young woman has no clue that she is about to get the choke hold from behind and is surprised, going crazy and flexing her legs and scrunching her feet. It is a battle but it is apparent that Belle has done this before and her muscular arms lock and grip the blonde dancer tight. The choke hold is working well, exactly what the bandit wants to get her hot, be behind her as the pantyhose rub against her body, and see her long legs kick and thrash trying to escape. The young lady is a fighter, trying to claw and slap her arm but Belle is just too much for her. A long battle to the end goes from super hard and tough, to slow and twitching. The long battle keeps a long death, and the killer is surprised at how much she had to give, and how sexily the beautiful yoga stretching dancer fought. After the long choke out to death, she still holds her in her arms, letting lose on the hold. The young woman’s eyes stay wide and her tongue protrudes slightly as the Bandit goes to work playing with her sexy feet and pantyhose covered body. She climbs all over her, sucking her toes and her feet, sniffing her feet in the pantyhose, while her own pantyhose toes flex and curl. She loves to kiss and caress the woman’s waist tummy, crotch and of course the feet, it is her obsession that she has realized. After a lengthy session molesting the dead, sexy, dancer, the Bandit decides to position the young dead woman face down, ass up, arms down to the side. She kisses the sexy blonde before she skips away, leaving for body pans and views from every angle.

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