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Description: Oh what a tragedy, to find your friend, and girl you wanted to tell you loved, in her room, dead from a stranger’s garrote. She hasn’t been dead for long, and as the bright morning sun peeks through the shades, we see the beautiful girl lying, peaceful, and ready to be handled. Max has loved her for a while, not only like a lover, but as a friend too. He feels like he wants to caress her all over, and flop her around on the bed before he says his final goodbye. What a tragedy, but at the same time, what a feast of cool flesh for him to savor as he manipulates, undresses, and touches her feet, arms, face, hair, and crotch of her pantyhose. She is dragged across the bed a few times, as her dress is removed, and her nightgown pulled over her arms to expose her little breasts. Max is happy to see his friend for the last time, before they put her in the ground. THIS IS A PANTYHOSE, FOOT, LIMB PLAY FANTASY. I AM TRYING TO BE DIVERSE, AS WELL AS GIVING FANS WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE. I LOVE DOING SEX FILLED SCENARIOS, THAT ARE FILLED WITH DRAMA, BUT SOMETIMES IT IS GOOD TO DO AN ART PIECE THAT FOCUSES ON THE ACTUAL FETISH AT HAND. WE WILL SEE HOW IT WORKS OUT. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT, AND I HOPE YOU LIKE LISLA. CB

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