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Description: Rex has been very good this year, and Santa notices these things. He even found an error in last year’s season that one of his trusted, “Main Elves’, Coco” screwed the pooch last year and put his name in the naughty pile. Santa mad Coco come herself and be the good guy’s slave and doll, for whatever he pleases. She even tells Rex that if he should want to do anything underneath the pantyhose, it will magically make way for his pleasure and sex. She sure is a horny elf, so he tests the waters feeling her up and smacking her as, grabbing her crotch and thighs, and slapping her up a bit to get some payback for screwing up his Christmas for the first time. After a bit of playing Rex gets rougher, but then goes back to fondling and kissing her, first through her bra and Costume, and then under them to feel her perfect breasts. She reacts to his whims and pleasures, moaning and breathing, kissing him back when he kisses, and reacting to the slaps and punches to the side. He plays with her face and mouth and manipulates her body, twisting her like a doll, and posing her on the chair. He throws her to the wall and starts to screw her, holding her pantyhose clad legs high, pounding her as her tits bounce. He gets rougher, and then takes her to the dining table to get away from the Christmas Tree. He screws her some more, and after a while stops, lifts her to her feet and starts to figure out why it’s just not right. She asks him, “Is everything okay master”, in her sexy voice. He looks down and sees the silk ribbon that was attached to her like a bow when he arrived. He quickly wraps it around her neck as she stands and starts to choke her a bit. She reacts in shock, then of course to the loss of air. She tries to grab at the silk, but he is too powerful. He punches her in the side and slaps her a bit, choking her and feeling on her pantyhose covered snatc. He gropes her tits and ass as he playfully chokes her out. He doesn’t want to kill her right away, but he is loving the toy and gift that Santa procured. He tosses her face firts to the floor, her ass sticking up, he pulls down the pantyhose past her pussy, so he can move the panties aside and fuck her while he pulls on the long wide ribbon of silk. He screws her hard, smacking her ass and she reacts to the feeling. She chokes, tongue out, wide eyed and grasping at anything she can try to get leverage, but to no avail. Just as he cums inside her, he tosses her down and still wants more, he removes her black boots to reveal her feet in the white hosiery, then he gets back into position, sitting himself in the chair she came with and strangling her from behind so he can see her legs and feet and grope her. After some messing around he gets serious and strangles her hard, she bucks, spreads her toes, and kicks until it is just a twitch, her tongue sticking out slightly, and her eyes a bit crossed from the strain of it all. Even a magical elf got worked over for screwing up, this is a tough world. After she is dead, he treats her like gift wrapping and tosses her aside to straighten up later. Her ass is up and soles can be seen through the white hosiery. She is so sexy with her tongue out slightly. He goes to get some water, while her body is panned, and when he returns, flips her over, plays with her limp body for a few moments before he puts her on the chair, and puts her Santita hat back on, so she can sit next to the tree and be ready to open again in the morning on Christmas! What a KILLER GIFT!!

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