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Description: Description: Sunset plays an arrogant aristocrat who believes she can get away with anything, oblivious to the horrors of reality around her. Sunset parks on the thirds floor of a shopping mall next to a truck filled with gang members. They are hanging out and talking as they normally do until Sunset pulls up in an expensive sports car. As soon as the engine stops and they look inside they start the cat-calling. Their language becomes more degrading and increasingly vulgar as she walks away then reverses direction and stops at the hood of her car to look for a credit card. She endures a volley of harsh language, trying to shrug it off but finds that she can no longer take it. She turns to confront the gang and the gang leader steps up to intercept her. As soon as he is close, she slaps him hard then walks away. The gang leaders tries to pursue her but is stopped by one of the members who points out that she left her credit cards on the hood of the car along with her driver’s license. They jump into their truck and drive to the address then go about invading her home and lying in wait for her return. Sunset returns from the mall with several shopping bags and drives away. The men sit around her living room, talking about all the sexual stuff they want to do with her as one acts as look-out. Once Sunset returns, the gang hides and pounces on her when she enters the living room and notices a crow bar on her end table. They over power her easily, toss her about and grope her then force her hands behind her back and hand cuff her. Sunset is brutally raped in the living room by one of the men before being carried into the bedroom where she is raped in a variety of positions by 2 more men. She is forced to give oral sex to the fourth but fights it all the way until he comes in her mouth. They shove her aside then try to decide what to do with her when they see her trying to squirm away. One of the men grabs her and quickly snaps her neck. The men then panic and leave quickly, abandoning her death-fill and cum-stench home.

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