Psycho-Thrillers – Snuff 15 – Death At Your Expense

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Contains: Dialogue, Set-up, Bondage, Humiliation, Blouse Tearing, Boots, Torture Bra Strangulation, Slow Nylon Strangulation, Live & Necrophilia Finger Rape, Ligature Marks, Sweat, Panty Shots, Nudity, Forced Undressing, Fondling Body Handling, Body Positioning, Necro Urination, Body Pans, Vaginal View, Ass View, Death Stares
Editor’s Note: This movie was made in a continuous format similar to SNUFF 14 but with more close-ups. This is a new format so let us know how you like or dislike it. We will not use it all the time but your feedback helps determine what changes or remains. This is Kiera’s debut movie. This is for customers who thrive on the terror aspect which builds up to the kill.
Description: Kiera plays a woman lured to a private hangout spot of theirs where they used to drink and party and play erotic games. Labeled the town slut by her peers, the time has come to get rid of her. At first Kiera is calm as she chooses to play a game and allows herself to be handcuffed to her chair, but the game turns vicious and threatening when the group gets a little too rough for her tastes. Choosing not to adhere to her pleas to be let free, they laugh it off, call her names and continue to assault her until it becomes unbearable. Her friends are hardly recognizable to her now as they are building toward a frenzied and deadly act. Kiera is groped and fondled as they tighten the bra strap around her throat tighter. At first they strangle her then allow her to breath but it becomes increasingly longer until Kiera finds herself in a fight for her life that she cannot win. The girls hold her legs apart and Kiera can feel her pussy being gutted and galvanized as they all take what they want from her, leaving her an empty shell of her former self. Just as they stop her heart, her urine pours forth out of her and floods the floor as they laugh at her humiliation. They continue to play with her dead body, closing her lifeless eyes, slapping her face around and trying to stimulate her dead body. Once they grow bored, they leave her there to decide who will be next on their shit list.

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Resolution : 624 x 480
Duration : 00:28:32
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Category: SNUFF