Nathan is looking on his computer for divorce lawyers. He and his wife are having problems and he just wants to end it.
Ashley walks in with a fancy bag. After a short argument, she suggestively goes into the bathroom to dress in some sexy lingerie to try to spice up their marriage.
In the mean time, Nathan search takes a darker turn and he starts formulating a plan to rid himself of his wife faster.
She returns dressed to the nines in sexy lingerie. Nathan is truly impresses, but not that much as to reinvigorate his passion for her…not truly.
The engage in forplay on the bed, then the action movies to the floor where he stands as Ashley engulfs his cock in her wet mouth looking up at him with stunning blue eyes.

After that, he gets a rope and to her excitement ties her up. Things heat up significantly and he fucks her hard agains the bed, then on the bed and 69.
Finally, as he side fucks her, he gets a rope around her neck and tightens it a bit. This turns her on, giving her multiple orgasms as he fucks her.
Then, he tightens it too tight and she instantly starts to fight for her life. Her legs kicks and spasm, heels flying off. With her hands tied tight behind her back, she can only wiggle and struggle. Her face contorts and turns a darker shade as she fights for her. Her mouth is open, tongue reaching out for air.
This goes on quite a while and he keeps fucking her, enjoying the feeling as her pussy tightens on his engorged cock. After a while she gets weaker and weaker as he build closer and closer to an orgasm.
Finally, she is dead and he gets up and shoots his cum across her pretty dead face. Though spent, he lets his cock explore her gapping mouth covered in his cum.
Later after he places her in the bathtub, her body expels a bunch of piss, soaking the tub and drain area as it runs down the the pipe away from her dead body.

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