Starring Madison Chandler and Alisha Adams

Madison and Alisha were girl talking in the office when their boses obscure son walks in on the conversation. They tease the weirdo in the usual fashion and he slinks off to wait in his dads office.

Madison suddenly realizes she needs something in that office and reluctantly head down, arming herself for his usual come-ons.

The son finds his dads gun and quickly hides it as Madison enters. Feeling brave, he asks her out. She rejects him. So, he asks her again–this time pointing a gun at her. She turns to see the gun leveled at her. She tries to say something disarming, but he fires into her abdomen. She reacts in shock, pain and disbelief as she slides down the wall.

Alisha quickly come to her aid, screaming when she realizing the situation Now the gun is level at her and he orders her to help her co-worker up on the desk where she writhes in agony. She then makes Alisha partially strip her. Soon though, he has Alisha cowering at gunpoint as he take his time removing the clothes of the girls he’s obsessed about so much.

Alisha tried to crawl away. he has her stand up, then shoots her in the head in front of Madison, who is crying and in terror.

He partially strips her. Madison is hysterical, so he gets up and shoots her in the heart, killing her.

He places Alisha on the desk by her work friend. He rips her pantyhose, then fucks dead Alisha. After a while, he fucks Alisha’s mouth. Madison lays beside her, dead.

When he is done with Alisha, he moves to Madison. He removes her pantyhose and panties, then tastes her pussy. he then slides his cock into her, feeling her pussy tight against him. He fucks her for a while, then goes over and fucks her mouth. After a few moments, he cums down her throat.

Knowing that his dad will be back soon and not wanting to get in trouble, he takes his new toy–the gun, and runs wildly out of the office, leaving the two dead girls laid out on the desk.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Shooting, Head Shot, Body Play, Pantyhose, Lifting, Necro Sex, Necro BJ, Foot Views, Shoe Views, Body Views.

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