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Description: Stalker Chokes Busty Blonde in Hotel



Brit Bowman is on the run. Someone is stalking her, but no one, including the police, believe her. She checks into a hotel miles away. Exhausted, and still shaken, she lays on the bed, watching tv, and begins to relax. Suddenly, she hearsаstrangeаnoises coming from somewhere in the room. She cautiously looks around, but, no one is there. Confident, Brit settles into the bed, and starts to drift off into a light sleep. All seems well, until a masked man rises from behind the bed. He jumps on Brit, latching onto her neck with a vice-like grip. She struggle, but he is strong, squeezing ever tighter, until she is rendered conscious. As Brit come to, the masked man wraps a garrote around her neck, and strangles her till the life fades from her body. The man, strips off BritТs blouse, revealing her plump breasts. After playing with her breasts, he finally leaves. I guess Brit was right. Now everyone will believe her.

Super sexy death stares, Erotic garrote strangle, Eyes wide, Legs kicking and twitching,Partial nudity, high heel pumps, sexy business attire, bare feet, foot worship or foot views or foot play, necro-stripping, fondling, handling, manipulation, limp play, rag doll, post-mortem, multiple death pans, body moaning, writhing, agony, gasping, heavy breathing

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