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Starring Melissa Moore

Melissa is so young and innocent looking that shes always been her Daddys favorite. Which is why he couldnt believe it when he heard a bunch of young frat boys talking about what a slut she was, ready and willing to spread her legs at the drop of a hat. Angered at such talk about his sweet little angel, only their superior numbers kept him from beating the offending braggart to a bloody pulp. A bet was made in the heated exchange, however, the prize being the sexy co-ed herself.

He would confront Melissa about the rumors surrounding her. Should she prove herself to be the good, little girl that he thought, the frat boys would never speak of her again and keep well away from her. On the other hand, should he find out that she is a whore for cock, then he would have to let them all fuck her. Determined to learn the truth, he goes straight home.

Walking through the door, he sees his darling little one and immediately knows that those boys were telling the truth. Approaching her, he begins to question her choice of clothing, her scandalously short skirt, her skin-tight, see-through top that brazenly displayed her huge boobs and the lacy bra working overtime to hold them up. She defends her look, even lifting her skirt to show off her matching panties. Eyeing the silky undergarment, the camel toe of her juicy cunt easily visible, he reaches down and starts to rub her between her legs. Her pleasured moan and the wetness he feels there tells him all he needs to know.

Still, hes gone this far and the lust in her eyes, the intoxicating feminine scent of her arousal, goads him to continue stimulating the horny youngster. Diving between her legs, he eagerly licks and sucks on her sensitive pussy and swollen clit, driven by her gasps and squeals. Used to inexperienced and overly excited boys, she cant believe how good her Daddys skilled tongue feels, as he brings her to orgasm again and again. Standing, he frees his cock and she lunges at it, taking it into her mouth without needing to be told. Thats the mark of a well-trained whore, he thinks regretfully, watching his thick shaft disappear into her hot, wet mouth, with nary a hint of a gag reflex. Positioning himself between her legs once more, he aims his meat pole at her well lubricated gash and slides inside.

His size and power, not to mention the erotically charged, taboo nature of fucking the older man she has known for years, have little Melissa panting and groaning, her tight pussy spasming around the hot thickness inside her. Not wanting to cum in her fertile womb, he slides out of her. She automatically grips the pulsing flesh baton in both of her soft, tiny hands and jerks him to a creamy eruption, her tits and belly made sticky with hot man goo. In her post-coital, dazed state, she doesnt notice as her Daddy gets up and walks behind her. Grabbing her small head, he twists it with a sharp, sudden yank, snapping her fragile neck. He lets her fall limply to the couch, soft, pillowy boobs hanging out of her bra, legs spread wide and a glaze of sperm shiny on her abdomen. Then he called out to the frat boys. He lost the bet, he had to let them all fuck her, but he didnt say she had to be alive.

Fetish Elements:†Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Daddy/Daughter, Upskirt, Panties, Disheveled, Fondling, Pussy Licking, Blowjob, Sex, Handjob, Cumshot, Neck Snap, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

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